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Ania V

At first, thank you for this conversation which I read and has helped me a lot. Please, excuse my english as I am from Greece. My dog Maya is 16 years old and has kidney disease for 1,5 year (May 2018) with her BUN at 70 and Creatinine at 3.2 in her latest tests. Creatinine has been stabilised all this time around 3 but BUN has unfortunately increased. It was 56, around 4 months ago. I cook and feed her home food with beef all this 1,5 year with white bio rice, bio vegetables like butternut pumpkin, carrots, cale, green beans, sweet potato, bio apples and bio eggs (no yolks at all). I also give her carbonate calcium in her food and omega-3. Also, my vet subscribed PRONEFRA for the kidneys which Maya takes from the beginning and HEMOVET the last 4 months because her haematocrit (HCT) was a bit low (39). Now it is 42.4 again but the vet suggested to keep giving them. Her PHOS is normal at 4.6, never high or low.
My question is what can I do to reduce BUN. I read that you suggest Probiotics and Acacia Fibers. Would that help Maya’s case? I would appreciate any suggestion and help as I am doing all this time a massive effort to keep her as healthy as I can. My vet has unfortunately confused me sometimes. For example, she told me when we had the latest tests that I should reduce the beef in her food in order to reduce protein. Is it a good idea to reduce protein now? She also told me to give Maya brown rice and not white, but I ‘ve read that this is not a good idea. I am confused and in need of advice regarding BUN’s latest increase.

Thank you in advance.