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Helen S

My dog is also a rescue . He’s from the humane league . He is a pomchi, and was neutered last Tuesday. We brought him home Thursday so we have only had him 4 days. Around six I can get him to eat a table spoon of dry kibble and that’s it. He’ll eat some people food and even the cats wet food. But I have a hard time getting him to eat his food. He’s a year old and was just surrendered by his previous owners . The humane league sent him home with us with science diet kibble told us to mix it with water cause they were bigger kibble pieces but he won’t eat it. I mixed it with our kibble and I can get him to eat our kibble if I hand feed him. I hope it’s just depression and once he gets use to us he’ll start eating more/ eating from his bowl. I’m so worried about him. He’s very happy playful and cuddles with me all day. He’s also drinking from his water bowl no problem.