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william M

Can anyone point to anything this government has done well? Bureaucrats run the asylum. They are unelected, many without any real education, and they make up the rules. Second, The FDA is silent over every other form of animal feed unless it has some form of human element. Salmonella isnt even on the radar for a dog. The stomach enzymes are completely different from ours. Why do you think they and cats will gladly finish up road kill thats 5 days old in the sun? What about the crows, racoons, weasels, rats and every other scavenger? Come on people, at some point we got to wake up and realize that we have let buffoons run our lives and since we dont feed ourselves any longer, we depend on other people to do the critical thinking for us. Try reading some basic farming and ranching reference material, you may be enlightened. Especially if its copy written sometime before 1945. They still used real experts like ranchers that had been raising beef for 3 and 4 generations, as well as farmers that had trailblazed the modern farming methods still used today from the midwest to the california basin.