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Alison K

I’m going to attempt to post this again, since it didn’t seem to work when I replied to this weeks ago. After having the same difficulty finding Honestly Bare, and after a few emails to Purina to uncover the mystery, I was finally given the reason. They were nice enough to send me a bag of Honestly Bare and some coupons for free Purina dog food and a couple other coupons for money off their products. I’m currently seeking out a similar product since my dogs are addicted to this chewy snack. It’s not easy to find, especially when you’re looking for a grain free product with no “natural flavors”. This is the email I received from Purina:

On August 21, 2019 at 4:39 PM [email protected] wrote:

Hi Alison,

Thank you for our response. We always welcome questions and comments from our consumers.
We regret to say that the reason why you experiencing difficulty locating Honestly Bare food is because this product has been discontinued. Please know this was a very difficult, yet, necessary decision, based on extremely low sales due to a decline in consumer demand, even in areas where the product was readily available.

Your Engagement Specialist,