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Tra R

I recommend you feed your dog two antihistamines per day. This will help your dog deal with histomine release in its body. This release can happen when your dog has an injury, the body releases histomine to repair the wound, however with histomine intolent dogs, too much histomine can be released and lead to a mass cell tumour being created. In histomine intolent dogs every lump should be biosped and removed, if it is cancer.
There are foods that an owner should try to keep her dog clear of, processed human food (bacon, sausages, tomatoes, salami), spices, salt, citrus fruit, wheat, glutton, dairy products, cherry’s, apricots, fish products, fermented products etc. You can also get natural antihistamines like garlic (limit to one tablet a day), vets do not recommend garlic as it is a bulb but there is no evidence that garlic hurts dogs. Also
Fresh food is the ideal food for your dog, human fresh raw mince meat (not pork) with its dry dog food is good, meat is good for the blood. I personally recommend Pets at Home AVA dry dog food (not fish as fish makes histomine). The antihistamines will help ur pets body deal with any problem histomine ur dog eats. I have a golden retriever (age five) she has had two mass cell tumours, feeding her two antihistamines each day has halted the creation of tumours for a year, so far.

Recent Replies