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laurie P

I’m so glad I ran into this forum. Is there anything that any of you have tried with diet for the acid reflux? i.e. smaller more frequent meals? Fresh food diet vs. kibble? I’m hesitant to give him ACV right now until I get it under control with prilosec. He’s on day 4 of prilosec, but still gulping and licking.
This is happening to my dog really frequently. The vets seem clueless when you bring in the dog and show them videos of the dog incessantly licking the floor and gulping. He takes in so much air that it causes him to cough and sometimes throw up. They want to treat a cough. Well, my dog isn’t coughing he’s licking the floor! My instinct has been that it’s GI related, and after reading this forum, seems like I might be right.