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Patricia A

I got the same response Nadia. I think I’ll lean toward Primal in the same proteins . Just give the venison blend and rabbit. Maybe even try those in the Primal since it is lower calories. I researched Vital Essentials which got all 5 stars except the turkey and chicken NIBBLETS. Going to slowly introduce that as a rotation.
I’m just so used to giving just a little kibble with their freeze dried. it also stretches the expensive freeze dried since I’m feeding the two. I’ve been giving Stella’s raw coated grain free. But I advisor lowed rating due to all the legumes raising protein level. So last bag I rotated with the Ancient grains recipe. I emailed advisor for a future review of their grain inclusive. No response but now from response we both received I’m thinking he’s not going to review or rate them anymore??? I mean I at least use his reviews as a starting point of what to feed. So I’m afraid that the grain inclusive might be like a 2.5 if he did review it.
I’m looking into rotating with Natures logic kibble as a base also. I’ just feel better just rating the kibble even though they get just a few a day with their freeze dried or home cooked. You know sometimes I spend a few hours researching food and I go in a circle. I really think at lease for kibble it’s like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Don’t think any are really good to feed solely.

Recent Replies