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Patricia A

Nadia that’s whats confusing me also. I’m going to email again and copy and paste exactly that question. What EXACTLY is he looking at in the food that gives the lower rating when he breaks down the SAME protein/fat level for both flavors/proteins. I don’t think theres any difference in any other ingredients/vitamins/ veggies etc. that would make a difference with the ratings . There has to be some method to this madness that us common folk can understand. lol
Hoping I’ll have an answer by tomorrow I’ll share since when I emailed about the Tantalizing Turkey pattie being the same as their nuggets they emailed me back a thank you for finding the discrepancy error and corrected it to both a 2.5 star.
I wrote IM’d primal to ask to break down their nuggets as calories PER nugget. She misunderstood and just sent me back everything i can see for myself on the back of bag. So i asked again that i needed NOT Rabbit 150 calories for 3 1/2 nuggets BUT please tell me how many for one. That way i can compare the rabbit, venison etc. to Stella’s.