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09/16/2016 Last Update

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  • Angela Cardner

    What did you vet say? Seizures require vet assessment.

  • Chelsea

    My dog is a 4 year old German Shepherd and I fed her this food for the first time. About 2 weeks after feeding her this food, she refused to go to the bathroom (number 1). I tried and tried to get her to go but it seemed as though she was in pain. I took her to the vet and she had developed crystals. Though the crystals may not have formed from this food, I had her on antibiotics for a few weeks and the symptoms didn’t go away. She went on another round of antibiotics and still wasn’t 100%. I decided to change her food to Holistic Blend All Ages, and 2 days after switching her food, she was peeing normally. I would not advise anyone to use this food. Aside from the urinating issue, her coat became dull and very dry and her energy levels were down.

  • Trin

    Doesn’t matter – there was nothing to necessitate being rude

  • Veronika

    Well literally everything he ever said was 100% the truth and I remember that the truth was classified as painful, feel that burn!
    I miss him.

  • Trin

    And who are you to be so condescending and rude?

  • Patricia Jerman

    Some Blue food is recalled you just never know by price

  • Patricia Jerman

    One bag of Beneful and my dog swelled up so bad I thought her skin would split open. Her tummy almost touched the ground it was so swollen. Her tummy stuck out her sides wide. Her breath became horrible. The gas was something I had never been exposed to before. The gas was so bad that you could leave a room with a deodorizer in it and smell would still be there much much later. She drank so much water I thought she would drowned, yet she did not pee any more often than before this. Beneful is not on a recall list but I kept researching and found that thousands of pets have died from it yet no recall. I then read that a class action is going against them. I cooked healthy for my dog from that time on. There should be a recall if pets are sick or dead.

  • Jennifer Arnold

    I have a yellow lab. Gave him beneful for a few years. He started having seizures at the age of 9 years old (freezing, not able to move, breathing weird). At first, they were far apart then they became more frequent. I read an article about this dog food and a class action law suit. So I immediately changed his dog food. Within a month or two the seisures completely disappeared. This food was the problem!

  • Devil Dawg 223

    Susan, think you need to get some help my friend. What if he stays healthy and doesn’t get Cancer? What about all the dogs that hagev been on every type of food plan that gets cancer. Are you aware that domestic dogs are nothing like wild dogs? Are you aware that in the wild, when your dog gets sick, wounded, a disease, it dies. Bet you are one that will talk up the diets but also do chemo therapy for a dog with Cancer.

  • Devil Dawg 223

    Stop comparing animals to humans. Do you have kids Susan. If so, I don’t think you get it. I was raised with labs, they were my best friends growing up and still today. I do everything with them including waterfowl hunting as he loves that more than a walk. But I also know there is HUGE difference between my dog and my child. Example, fire breaks out in your house, you can only make one run and have to make a choice. Do you go to your childs room or the dog in a room you can’t get too without getting your child to safety first. Is that a hard decision for you Susan? Get your child or the dog first? I greive terrible when I have to put a dog down. Enough where I am sick for a week, don’t get another one til I mourn that loss. But I also know if I lost my child, it would be a grief I don’t think I could ever get over.

    Also, go to the spca and see the abuse animals have gone through, mentally and physically. Youd rather them be kept in a metal slab of concrete with a cage or be euthnized then have a loving family adopt the dog but maybe can’t afford a high quality food? Some dog people are so freaking strange.

  • Devil Dawg 223

    Well it’s not a human and you know what they say about opinions. Yeah, Beneful sux but so your condescending comment. “I dare you” and “Wow, two of those are cheaper…” Sound like a 10 year old on a playground. It’s like me saying I love my dog more than you or questioning the love of someone else. So take your Exactly somewhere else as if I were Brenda, the last person I’d take advice from is you.

  • AliciaGarzaisaterrorist


  • mahoraner

    Id bet she would have chosen better if you actually gave her an option that was HIGHER THAN 1 STAR

    i dare you to put a bowl of a 3 star or higher food in front of her, and see what she chooses

    and please dont use that “those foods are expensive” excuse on me, i will list 3 foods below that are great quality and are CHEAPER or a similar price than beneful (per lb)

    (prices are all from
    ok, beneful costs $0.87 a lb

    now here are the prices per lb for the GOOD foods
    Sportmix wholesomes…………………………$0.75 a lb
    diamond naturals beef meal and rice…….$0.80 a lb
    fromm family classics………………………….$1.12 a lb
    eagle pack…………………………………………$1.17 a lb
    premium edge……………………………………$1.22 a lb

    Wow, 2 of them are CHEAPER than beneful, now lets see how the sportmix wholesomes, chicken meal and rice first five ingredients stack up to benefuls first five ingredients…


    1st. chicken meal
    dried chicken, contains 300% more chicken per lb than fresh chicken
    2nd. brown rice
    simply brown rice, considered a high quality grain
    3rd. rice flour
    rice grounded into a flour
    4th. rice bran
    the outer layer of the rice kernal
    5th. chicken fat
    “Chicken fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality ingredient.”

    now onto benefuls first 5 ingredients

    1st. beef
    “Although it is a quality item, raw beef contains about 80% water. After cooking, most of that moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight.”
    2nd. corn
    a low quality, cheap grain that is usually treated with gmos and has little to no nutritional value, and is usually considered a filler in dog food
    3rd. barley rice
    a cereal grain
    4th. whole grain wheat
    “Wheat is another cereal grain and subject to the same issues as corn”
    5th. chicken byproduct meal
    made from the scraps of producing chicken for human consumption, and can include anything from organs, carcasses, chicken heads, and feet.

    i think the choice is pretty clear, sportmix wholesomes is cheaper, higher quality and if you gave it a chance, id bet your dog would like it too

  • Polly Pyles Bennett

    It’s called READING THE LABEL John.

  • Susan

    Well see when he’s older what health problems & cancers he’ll get…

  • Susan

    Have you read the ingredients?? if people can’t afford a proper diet for their dogs & cats them maybe they shouldn’t have animals, would you feed your baby a crappy diet??

  • Azul

    It has nothing to do with the media. Just read the labels/ingredient list. Or, even easier, look at the 3,4,and 5 star rated foods on this site.

  • Cannoli

    ever hear of food labels? not only does it exist in human food but also exists on pet food.

    but you do make a valid point feed what your dog does best abd enjoys

  • Johns Tompkins

    Since you guys make the dog food. Lol. Stop listening to the media and do what you feel is right for your dog. Just because the media says it’s bad doesn’t mean it actually is , it just means the competition gave them a bigger check to downplay the competition.

  • Polly Pyles Bennett

    Beverly, you are so correct. The other 3 she offered are poor quality too!

  • Beverly Perry

    And a VERY high percentage of dogs die from cancer. My first dog developed liver cancer so I began educating myself on dog food and cancer. I thought I had been making good choices by feeding Little Cesars in the peel containers. I feel so guilty about that now even though it has been many years. I have been feeding quality food to my dogs now for 8 years. I will NEVER turn a blind eye again. That little dog had half of his liver removed. I began cooking for him and buying only food with quality ingredients. They gave him 3 months to live. He lived another 6 years.

  • Beverly Perry

    you are right! I change my dog’s food every meal!

  • Beverly Perry

    Worst comment I have read. The very progressive vet practice I took my dogs too in Dallas have posters urging owners to give their dogs a variety of food. They say it is just as important in dogs as in humans. If humans ate Lucky Charms for years then you give them a salad…they would have digestive issues as well. I rotate my dogs food every single meal. Some people smoke and live to be 100 years old…that doesn’t mean smoking is healthy. Studies have proven dogs live healthier and happier lives on quality diets.

  • Beverly Perry

    some kids live on Fruit loops and are cute. This picture or the long life of one dogs is hardly scientific.

  • Beverly Perry

    Could be because the all three of those choices are also poor quality brands. If you don’t have premium food locally you can order it online.

  • Brenda Gill

    My Cheri is almost 16, she was raised on Beneful and is the only dog food she will eat.. I have tried her on others like Pedigree, Iams and Eckanuba. She turned her nose up and wouldn’t eat, put her back on Beneful and she ate.

  • ChargerBug

    Beneful is pure garbage.

  • aimee

    Hi Debi,

    If corn is not digestible (“Corn is not digestible for any mammal”) than how could it possibly “make them fatter.”

  • Debi Garza

    Look through the list for the foods rated 5 stars. Compare the list with what’s available in your area.

  • Debi Garza

    You are 100% correct. Corn is not digestible for any mammal. Why do you think you see corn in your poop the day after you have eaten it? Birds are always picking through cow poop, to get the undigested corn. Livestock are fed corn, to make them fatter. How could corn possibly be a good thing for your dog?

  • Debi Garza

    Hi el doctor. I have 2 dachshunds. I feed them Castor & Pollux Indulgence Grain-Free dry food. I get the duck one. At dinner, I also put a little of the Fresh Pets Select food that comes in a roll, in with the kibble. I had been feeding Bil-Jac, & I am so happy I switched to this. They are both very healthy & active. Dachshunds can get overweight easily on a food that is not healthy. Both the Castor & Pollux & the Fresh Pet get 5 star ratings. I did find the C & P cheaper by $10 at Whole Foods,instead of Petsmart. Good Luck!

  • el doctor

    Hi Debi

    “I want my dogs on the BEST quality food. They are family!”

    What do you feed your dog’s?

  • Debi Garza

    Just because you start them on poison, doesn’t mean that you should keep them on poison. They may not be exhibiting symptoms of health problems now, but they will show up later. I want my dogs on the BEST quality food. They are family!

  • WandaSteeves

    Yeah it’s GMO CORN, sprayed w Monsanto lovely pesticide spray, held in big plastic containers, that leech ethoxiquin.. Then add rendered crap. This crap is cheap poison, in a FDA approved bag, that’s never been studied, because they DONT test kibble, canned. What you see is the last thing u get!

  • Elaina Eakle

    Hi Susan, I am sure nothing is guaranteed, but any 4 or 5 star brand on this site is a much better bet. I feed my dog Earthborn Primitive Natural and he is doing well on it. I also believe Earthborn has never had a recall.

  • WandaSteeves

    Not many because the FDA just acknowledged they changed the law, ” the right to object law” which meals what’s pictured on the label or written on the label MAY OR MAY NOT BE what’s in the can.or kibble For ten years they have not allowed HUMAN GRADE on packaging because the big brands are selling crap.. A company sued last year for the right to say ourPET FOOD is human grade, they won, they were the only ones! THE FDA announced 2 weeks ago that this right to object has been removed, allowing NO OTHER companies to sue..right now the kibble, canned market is really untested.. They target RAW, to. Intimidate people not to buy it, it has all these diseases, that’s BS because, kibble and canned has been recalled more than raw. Raw is easy, dogs eat. It right away, small stool, no vomiting, no diarrhea . Just because this food has not killed NOW doesn’t mean it will not the cumulative effect, is sudden. Remember canada does have higher standards, USA is FEED Grade, we are FOOD Grade, however PLEASE don’t trust the label, trust dog owners experience!

  • WandaSteeves

    Lori plz consider aa raw diet, my LELO a bichapoo has been on it for 2.5 years she’s 14 now, loves her frozen pucks it works out to 1.00 a per dog, on frozen beef, or chicken meals that have veggies and fruit I them. Trick is to feed them when their hungry, never leave food out, they can go from beef, chicken, salmon, bison, rabbit with no stool. Changes. I have introduced more veggies patties as she’s older, and needs less protean. I have searched kibble, and found that she does best on raw, I do give her extra vitamin and probiotics. It’s worth the investment if you can , blessing to your baby’s..POODLES RULE

  • Crazy4dogs

    DogFoodie is right. If you want that cute pup to live a long and healthy life, pick a better rated food.

  • DogFoodie

    Your puppy is a cutie, but this is actually about the worst thing you could possibly feed him.

  • sanskruti kadam

    It’s very healthy for dogs

  • Susan

    I just saw this and am sharing on Facebook. I hope your babies are okay!

  • pitlove

    beautiful dog. and he looks great thanks to his diet change!

  • pitlove

    Vet’s nutrition classes are taught by rep’s from Science Diet and Royal Canin. Thats why they recommend the food. They think they are doing what is best for the dog but in reality they cant because they do not have unbias knowledge about dog nutrition. Dr Karen Becker covers this in one of her interviews with Dr Mercola. Look it up on youtube

  • pitlove

    switching your dogs diet is the best thing you can do for them. how much would you trust your doctor if he told you to only eat toast for every single meal of every single day. well your dog is the exact same way. and over time they will build the correct flora in the gut to be able to handle food change with no issue

  • Debbie

    I was just involved in helping search for a lost elderly, blind, deaf dog who mysteriously disappeared from his yard. Also had hip problems to the point of not being able to move quickly. That being said, thinking the dog might have felt his time had come and wandered off to die, I asked the owner how the dog had been acting prior to his disappearance. Much to my surprise she said the dog had been quite spunky lately after she had recently switched the dog’s food from Beneful. She stated her dog had stopped having seizures and was now able to jump up and down from their couch as previously had not been able to due to weekness and pain. Overall, she could see a definite improvement in the dog’s health. She had no idea of the alleged problems with Beneful but as soon as she heard she switched to a quality food. She was really upset that she had gone against the breeder’s advice to feed quality food. The pretty Beneful bag fooled her! Dog has still not been found after a week of being gone and they most likely will never find out what happened but that conversation with her will stick with me. That poor dog suffered so many different disabilities and I can’t help but wonder if most of it could’ve been avoided had she not fed this food!

  • feel free to use the picture. I am the person who drew this.

    If Purina did not lye to consumers.

  • Susan Kimbell

    What food brands are safe?

  • Shawna

    I’m not disagreeing with anything you say here but again the lack of transitioning is not the problem — It is the lack of variety that is causing the need for transitioning. If the variety was there already, transitioning would not be necessary. It’s late… I hope I’m making sense to someone other than myself. 🙂 Have you every found that you know exactly what you mean but others are going — WHAT?? I find the later it is the more this happens to me. 🙂 With that said, I best get myself to bed.

  • Shawna

    Hi GSDsForever,

    I haven’t had that experience with the 30 plus dogs that have gone through my home in the last eight years. Once I have their gut flora on track and have them used to better foods I was able to mix it up A LOT without issue unless there was one specific ingredient the dog reacts to.

    I have fed raw diets with the main protein being beef, chicken, turkey, bison, venison, salmon, quail, pheasant, ostrich, goat, rabbit or duck. I feed or have fed Taste of the Wild, Amicus, Brothers Complete, Orijen, Nature’s Variety, Nature’s Logic, Earthborn Primitive Naturals, Fromms, Merrick and other kibbles. I feed equally diverse canned foods.

    For supplements I give enzymes and turmeric with every meal to every dog. To that I add a variety of different herbs changing them with each new batch (spirulina, chlorella, beet root, burdock root, activated charcoal, ginger root, diatomaceous earth and more). I also add raw goats milk, fermented fish stock, fermented vegetables, goat yogurt and other foods as toppers.

    My crew gets a very diverse diet and I just don’t ever have issues (unless just beginning a foster dog or one with a specific food intolerance).

    My foster dogs have ranged in age from tiny puppies to retired puppy mill breed dogs.

    I do agree with you about folks assuming dogs can’t handle higher protein. Higher protein foods have more of the nutrients (glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine) needed by the body to produce glutathione. Glutathione helps the liver clean house. A symptom of that cleaning of house is diarrhea. Although diarrhea is an undesirable symptom, the reason for it is better health.

  • GSDsForever

    Most vet clinics I’ve seen in the US stock Hill’s Science Diet and Eukanuba. I was pleased & surprised to see a clinic where they carried Pure Vita/Natural Planet Organics (and NB Fat Dogs for overweight dogs) instead.

    Previous vet fed her own dogs Eukanuba . . . although some of their formulas are much better than others and way better than SD.

    Only vet who feeds better was my board certified oncologist, as she is familiar with feeding a cancer preventative & cancer treating diet AND has additional holistic training/certifications.

  • GSDsForever

    Shawna, also, I am a very healthy human eating a pretty healthy & quality diet — but if I eat something super abnormal for me, it can cause digestive upset.

    In particular, since I don’t eat much saturated fat, even though some forms are healthful, when I have it has caused digestive upset for example. And if I were to eat meat again (I am vegetarian, leaning vegan) and eat a big fatty burger or steak dinner, I have no doubt it would not agree with me without getting my system used to it again.

    A huge meal of junk food would probably also make me ill, as it’s so different from how I typically eat.

    For other people, spicy food can upset them when they are not accustomed to it — while I can handle a TON of heat as I am, lol.

  • GSDsForever

    I haven’t always found this to be the case and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with the dog or that the first food was “poor quality.”

    Even switching once between very rich & equally high protein & fat foods, familiar protein source, I experienced a problem, where other formula base ingredients were substantially different (potent therapeutic level herbs, spices, etc). We needed to transition over a few days vs immediate switch. From there I could switch immediately among all the brand’s similar profile formulas.

    Similarly, there are strong medicinal spices, like Turmeric or Chinese herbs that can require slowly tapering up to achieve tolerance.

    Many, many foods I can switch to & from immediately.

    And the first time I ever switched to a very high protein/ultra low carb food from a moderate protein & carbs food, it took a 2 full weeks to transition from the former food. That doesn’t make the first food a “poor quality food,” just a different profile.

    That’s why I don’t like to see people give up so soon with the high protein diets and just decide their dog can’t handle high protein or “it’s just too rich.”

  • Shawna

    I think what many are saying here is that how you go about it really doesn’t matter if your dogs digestive tract is healthy in the first place.

    I foster and I’ve had as many as 12 dogs in my home at one time. For years I had 8 dogs of my own. I now have 6. My dogs get raw, kibble and canned. I change the food about every two days and they’ve eaten everything from ostrich to bison to goat. I only have issues if there is a specific intolerance (my Pom can’t have any chicken or she develops colitis as an example).

    I usually did/do not have the luxury of transitioning my foster dogs as it is rare that they come with any previous food — or it is such junk, I won’t have it in the house. Initially I have to give the foster canned pumpkin and probiotics to help with the symptoms and get the gut back in good health but after only a short time even the puppy mill breed dogs with very poor backgrounds can move from food to food without any transitioning. I’ve had over 30 dogs in my home over the last eight years.

  • vtech

    Oh a much better diet of course helps, I meant if the dog was still having issues/worsens then it would be appropriate to consult a veterinarian.

  • vtech

    Thats shocking, the clinics I’ve been to have always hissed at those brands.

  • vtech

    I agree that is completely fine. Its good that people are aware they need to build up first. From the posts I was reading it sounded like no one test ran foods with their pets.

    Again, changing foods isnt bad, its how you go about it.

  • vtech

    I never saidchanging brands etc was BAD, I said changing the food doesn’t mean it is necessarily good for them- because as I explained later on that people could being doing it inappropriately like cold turkey as you say you do. If your animal isn’t reacting then thats fine, I am saying that it is VERY common for gastric upset to occur doing so.

    I had a dog for 19 years who I changed foods throughout his life (for $ reasons) and he did fine.

    And please, do not make this an attack. I am making aware of an issue that maybe someone out there may not be aware of.

  • vtech

    Some dogs can and dogs cant. Doesn’t actually matter if a food is richer or poorer, its a change in diet there could be ingredients the animals digestives system has not encountered before. I didn’t say changing the food was even bad. I said if done inappropriately it could lead to digestive upset i.e. diarrhea and vomiting. I like how things get so misconstrued and attacked online.

  • aimee

    I appreciate that you qualified the statement. I only wanted to add to the conversation that in regards to dietary management of seizures in dogs that one should check for hyperlipidemia and if present should lower the fat level in the diet.

    I do recall the discussion about carbs and triglycerides but as I recall you never could find anything that supported that as happening in dogs.

    I’ve come to see the two species as very different. For example in people, especially children, a ketogenic diet ( very high fat low carb) may be used to control seizures. Limited studies in dogs though haven’t shown a benefit and since hyperlipidemia can trigger seizures and isn’t that uncommon it best to check for it. Compared to people I see dogs as being the more fat intolerant species.

    “Hyperlipidemia is common in dogs,
    and can be either primary or secondary to other diseases. Secondary
    hyperlipidemia is the most common form and can be a result of endocrine
    disorders, pancreatitis, cholestasis, protein-losing nephropathy,
    obesity, and high fat
    diets. …. Possible complications of canine hyperlipidemia include pancreatitis, liver disease, atherosclerosis, ocular disease, and seizures. Management is achieved by administration of low fat diets with or without the administration of lipid-lowering agents such as omega-3 fatty acids, gemfibrozil, and niacin.” ( Xenoulis 2010)

  • Shawna

    And we’ve discussed before how higher amounts of starchy/sugary carbohydrates in the diet can elevate triglycerides (aka hyperlipidemia).

    I know of, and have mentioned said dog here on DFA before, a dog (Beagle) that went from having daily grand mal seizures to being seizure free (for six months when we last spoke) after switching to a “species appropriate” diet — aka low carb.

    That said, I qualified my statement by saying “at least humans”.

  • aimee

    I haven’t ever heard of or read of a low fat diet triggering seizures in dogs, in fact quite the opposite. Hyperlipidemia can trigger seizures in dogs. Changing to a low fat diet may be all that is needed to prevent the hyperlipidemia and decrease seizure frequency.

    I knew of a dog under the care of a neurologist and on multiple anti-seizure meds that never achieved seizure control until put on a low fat diet. The dog went from multiple seizures a month to never ever having another seizure after changing the diet to a low fat diet.

  • aquariangt

    What exactly isn’t good for them about it? Variety of nutrients? Not being dependent on one set of ingredients should problems arise? I have no digestive irritation, and I switch every bag cold turkey

  • Shawna

    Sometimes seizures are a medical issue that can be addressed by diet. Example — a deficiency of magnesium can actually be the cause of seizures. Foods high in fiber and phytates can be problematic if not enough extra magnesium is added as fiber and phytates bind with certain minerals – including magnesium.

    Other foods can have ingredients that trigger seizures – such as food dyes, foods high in neurotoxins and so forth.

    And for some (at least humans) a low fat, carbohydrate (sugar) rich diet is enough to bring on the seizures.

  • Shawna

    Hi vtech,

    Dogs should be able to change their food as readily and easily as humans do. The only time they can’t is if their digestive tract is already a mess due to poor quality food or if the quality of food is higher or lower than the original food being fed..

  • theBCnut

    Some vets do recommend them. Almost every vet I worked with(over 20) recommended Purina. My tech school was pretty sold on Purina too, though they preferred Science Diet, but I think that was due to the freebies.

  • theBCnut

    If you commit to giving your dog a rotational diet, then over time, slow transitions are no longer necessary. When I started rotating foods, one of my dogs needed over a month to transition from one food to another and ANY THING added to her diet caused digestive upset. It took about 6 months, but I no longer have to transition her or any of my dogs. One day they are on brand A and the next, they get brand B. None of them ever get diarrhea or upset stomach in any way, no matter what they eat.
    I believe that by feeding the same thing long term, we are conditioning their pancreas to only produce certain amounts of enzymes and we are conditioning the gut to have limited probiotic populations.

  • vtech

    Beneful is a low quality food that is currently undergoing a lawsuit.

    If your pets experience dizziness, unconsciousness, vomiting, diarrhea, anything unusual including hair loss- PLEASE ALWAYS TAKE THEM TO YOUR VETERINARIAN. Some of these signs can lead to fatal outcomes.

    Animals are dying from this food. And even if your pet did not eat this food and is exhibiting concerning health issues ALWAYS take them to your vet! Your animals life could very easily be at risk.

  • vtech

    A healthier diet is always better but as for seizures, especially if chronic, then it is a medical issue that’ll need to be addressed by your veterinarian.

  • vtech

    They are not vet recommended. If a vet gives out a food it is a prescription diet. I do not know anyone in the vet field who would willingly push purina foods or lower quality foods. Hell, before I ever went to tech school and knew nothing I was scolded by my vet clinic for feeding my dogs Ol’ Roy (albeit my dog was 19 at the time but still)

  • vtech

    I know this post is old but if this happens to anyone else- PLEASE- Take your dog immediately to the vet. He is most likely now dehydrated and blood in the stool is not a good sign. If your pets have diarrhea issues for more than a couple days take them to the vet, if your dog is still vomiting please take them to the vet. This can be deadly. It is better safe than sorry

  • vtech

    True, as long as the food changing is done gradually over time, dogs need to build up enzymes to process different foods so if changed gradually it shouldnt cause gastric upset. Snacks are different though, i like to occasionally cook bland chicken for my dog as a special treat or give him plain cooked veggies. Again I add no salt or oils or any flavoring, they do not need it. Nice healthy alternatives are always good.

  • vtech

    I do not understand the food rotation phenomenon. Changing your pets food isnt necessarily good for them. If it is being done correctly then it shouldn’t harm them but if people are changing their dogs food inappropriately and too quickly it can cause digestive irritation.

  • vtech

    Corn isn’t very digestible, its a filler, they use it in farm animals to bulk them up faster though it lacks any real nutritional value or benefit.

  • vtech

    Beneful is a poor quality food, I grew up raising my dogs on Ol’Roy and they were fine, doesn’t mean its good for them. The fact is, the poisoning in these dogs is not that due to change of diet. A sudden change of diet will cause diarrhea, possibly vomiting- a change of diet does NOT include -seizures, loss of consciousness, ataxia (staggering), organ failure, or death. If a food is causing this then it is poisonous.

    Also a 7 y/o daschund is relatively young. Smaller breeds can live easily to 18 and even 20s if they’re lucky. Beware any back problems though.

  • Shropshire Lass

    Cassandra Angelique’s dog – comatose after eating just ONE Beneful Healthy Smile Treat. The other puppy was staggering around. This pup is also 8 months old AND they repeated the “experiment” just to make sure it was the treats

  • Shropshire Lass

    POISONED! Seizures after ONE Beneful Healthy
    Smile Treat – in BOTH 8 month old pups!!

  • Sophie Morris

    Vets are not trained in animal nutrition. If they are, they have ONE CLASS and their school is sponsored by a crap company like Purina or Science Diet. So they push the food onto the vets without analyzing the ingredients. These companies also sponsor vet clinics, so it continues. Don’t trust your vet with nutrition. Ever. The patchy fur is absolutely caused by the food. I’ve been researching this for years and I have seen it SO many times. Look for 4 or 5 star foods on this website to feed your dog.

  • Danielle Defalco

    Do some research if you truly want the best for your dog. If not stay blind and ignorant to it all. 🙂 your animal should not be on the same food it’s whole, most of the cheap nasty foods have a lot of the same ingredients in them. Did you know that beneful has ANIMAL DIGEST in it? I’m in the middle of switching my dogs from beneful to blue wilderness…your dog is only 7 but that shitty food has bad longterm effects on your dog..good luck

    Oh yea THE BAG THAT THE BENEFUL IS IN PROBABLY COST MORE THAN THE FOOD ITSELF!! first ingredient is CORN. .which I guess is what most humans in America eat so they must think it’s ok fir their dogs. .BUT IT’S NOT

  • Meg Loves Cats

    If you’re still not sure what to feed your dog, just check out the reviews on this website ( and choose a food that has a 5 star rating. Some aren’t high priced such as one particular canned food sold at Costco that is their brand here’s the link: You can mix it with a dry food. What dog doesn’t love “potted meat” as I call it. While good quality food may cost more, you’ll save in lower vet bills. Keep checking this site for reviews on your food too because a mfgr. can change their ingredients or get bought out by someone else and things change.

  • Terrance

    My 17 year old Lab, Maxx has hip and knee replacements due to genetics. He eats a rotation diet and rarely eats the same exact thing, none of my dogs do. I had a friend who got a Jack Russell puppy when Maxx was about 5 or 6 and she refused to listen to me about Benecrap. Her dog was born, lived, and died of multiple organ failure and my Maxx is still kicking. . .admitedly he is slowing down now but I’m pretty sure his nearly two decades of rotation diet was a good idea. . .especially considering when he had his hips and knees replaced I was told the trauma of such a major surgery would shorten his life expectancy by several years. So, avoiding garbage foods like Beneful and doing my homework has saved countless dollars but more importantly given Maxx a long happy life. . .one which I thank the Almighty for everyday!!!!!

  • Lori Cristelli Loughlin

    Unfortunately, my husband took it right out to the trash. I should have taken a pic. The maggots were dead. So gross!

  • Susan

    Keep it, who can you report this too….YUK

  • Lori Cristelli Loughlin

    Have 2 teacup poodles who don’t generally like canned dog food, but in trying out different kinds, I recently purchased Beneful chopped blends. My daughter opened one of the small cans of chicken and it was full of maggots. Needless to say I will NEVER purchase any Beneful products again.

  • Judy Adolph Stopyak

    Abbey, my dogs (a jack Russell & a basset hound mix) and my sister’s dog (a toy fox terrier) ate kibbles & bits and beneful their whole lives with no issues either. But when my son’s basset hound turned 13 last year, she got extremely sick, thin & could barely walk or move. She would drink water and it would go right thru her. Thankfully my son got a job at a pet food store and they advised him to take the dogs off those dog foods immediately. It took 6 months but she made a full recovery. Unfortunately, my sister’s dog wasn’t so fortunate. Even though she took her off Beneful immediately, the damage was already done. She went into renal failure and after thousands of $$ in vet bills, they couldn’t save her. She died a few weeks ago. These low price pet food companies constantly change where they get their ingredients from (mainly china) & the ingredients without telling the consumer so the bags you bought before may not be the same as the next bag you buy. Thankfully, it hasn’t affected your dog yet. But it truly isn’t worth taking the chance, is it?

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    I called the company to ask them where this food was manufactured. They would not tell me. That leads me to believe they are hiding something. If a company won’t tell me where their food is manufactured i don’t trust them.

  • Amy

    DOGSWELL NUTRISCA, absolutely hands down the best as far as everything including price. No fillers either. NEVER feed your dog a food that the first ingredient is CORN, like Beneful and every other commercial dogfood out there. I have to order mine online b/c I live in a rural area, from Dogs aren’t made to digest corn like that!

  • ShortStuff M Pink

    instead of beneful what would u recommend? because I currently have a 3 month old puppy who I’ve been feeding beneful but if it’s not healthy I’d really like a recommendation

  • Betsy Greer
  • Tammarella

    I switched both of my dogs to Blue Buffalo after I was horrified about what I read on here regarding medical problems associated with Beneful dog food. Both of my dogs were having seizures, tumors and one was starting to have liver problems. I switched them 8 months ago and neither of them has had a seizure since. If you care about your pet, do not feed them Beneful. It is poison!

  • I don’t know why that one picture of this dude and the cabin interior show up???????? I thought they where deleted.

  • Betsy Greer

    Beautiful! : )

  • theBCnut

    I love hiking in areas of glacial morain!!! Your views are phenomenal! I’m so jealous!

  • Guest

    These are more pictures from the same trail during different times. The Weimaraner is not mine, but she was 13 at the time. She was also eating good quality dog food. She died last spring from cancer. She was running circles around my dog, so it was shocking.

  • theBCnut

    NICE!! My 12 year old is also still very active, and I switch her food very often.

  • My little mutt loves tomatoes. I can’t slice them up without him begging. I always give him the top part when I slice a tomato.

  • Yes there is more sugar than veggies in Benefool. The veggies are listed well after the sugar. In dog food, the ingredients are listed in order of prevalence. So your dog is eating more sugar than most of that stuff depicted on the bag.

  • Betsy Greer

    What a beautiful place to hike. : )

  • The picture did not show up. Here it is

  • My dog has probably ate more than 10 brands of dog foods. He is much older than your dog. 7 is not very old for a small breed dog. Wait until your dog gets older. My dog is probably 12 years old. He was adopted.

    You are not suppose to suddenly change their diets. Sudden diet changes can make a dog’s stomach upset. Gradually changing by mixing in the new food into the old prevents this. It even says this on most dog food bags. The bags also all have an ingredient list, this is what you are actually feeding.

    Benefool is not healthy. It has more than 3 different chemicals in it. Have you smelled it? Smells like poop and windex. It has poor quality ingredients like by-products which are literal garbage. The sugar in the food will eventually take a toll on your dog’s teeth.

    I added a photo of a my old dog hiking. He is older than your dog by years and hikes for miles in mountainous terrain.

  • Cyndi

    I was always taught you’re not supposed to change a dogs food either. & I also believed that Beneful was a good food for dogs. You are on this site, you can read the ingredients for yourself. You can also read just about every post here on the Beneful thread and see how many dogs have gotten sick or died from this “food”. Honestly, for the health of your dog, if you want him to live a full healthy life, do some reading on this and other sites and pick a better dog food. Even if you don’t want to rotate foods, at least get your dog off the awful “food” you’re feeding him. There are many knowledgeable people on here that are more than willing to help you, if that’s what you want…

  • theBCnut

    Abbey, just think for a minute. Why in the world would you not switch a dogs diet? That’s as silly as saying that people should always eat the same thing. Variety in the diet is what helps to make sure you get all the nutrients you need and it’s the same with dogs. Kibble is one of the most processed foods out there, so how can it be healthy for a dog to eat nothing but the same highly processed food for its entire life. That makes no sense at all. Fresh foods and variety are the way to vibrant health, not just survival.

  • Crazy4cats

    You are definitely right that every dog is different. But in my opinion, a food that has corn as its first ingredient and contains propylene glycol, sugar, by-products, animal digest and food coloring cannot be good for any dog to eat every meal for its entire life. I know their packaging looks great, but to me is false advertising because their is not anything in the bag that is shown on the outside of the bag. I’m glad your dog is doing well on it. I also believe that it is much healthier to feed your dog a variety of foods just like it is more healthy for humans. Good luck to you.

  • Abbey Tek

    My 7 year old dachshund has been on beneful for all of his life and is in perfect health. Every dog is different when it comes to food. And you arn’t supposed to switch your dogs diet, if you want it on beneful, you should have started it on beneful

  • AnnMarie Nelson

    My 7 year old Yorkie are Beneful for almost a year, and recently went to ER with an Auto Immune disease, she almost died. Immediately, I switched her back to Halo’s Spot Stew Chicken and her health has improved dramatically! I also have decided to switch our French Bully and Old English Bully to another brand such as Nature’s Pride chicken, sweet potato & pumpkin, so far so good.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Keep rice in the pantry and chicken in the freezer for occasions just like this. Sorry you and your dogs are having to go through this.

  • Elizabeth

    During the snow storm I had no other choice in food besides Beneful. My dog had it for a day and a half. He has had diarrhea for 5 days now. Yesterday there was blood in it and now it’s pure liquid. This is the 2nd time I’ve made the mistake of feeding my dogs Beneful. Now I clean diarrhea off the floor every morning. My other dog has puked it up everyday. Worst dog food ever.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry.

  • Bob K

    Mike – Why did you change dog foods to Beneful? What were you previously feeding your dog? How old was your dog? Was your dog being treated for anything previously? Did you transition slowly to Beneful or just switch foods?

  • Mike

    My dog was in perfect health. Then I made the mistake of switching to Beneful. In 5 days he was dead. Kidney failure.

  • Lisa patterson

    Our precious Snickers passed away on July 1,2013. She ate Beneful her whole life. My husband put her on the healthy weight Beneful on occasion. I never would have given her Beneful if I had known what it was doing to her. She had kidney failure and pancreatitis. We are just devastated as she was our little girl. Please don’t feed your babies Beneful. Why is our government allowing the sales of food that kills our babies?

  • Aimee

    I had my chiweenie (who was 11 at the time) on Beneful Feista thinking that it was a good choice to make her start eating again. I then adopted a chi/greyhound with a sensitivity to corn, oatmeal, ect. Both began to act lethargic and sick. I found that my chiweenie’s tedth started to rot out on top of hair loss. I have the senior chiweenie on Wellness Core canned and the other on Wellness Simple turky dry. What a difference! Reading the other posts i might have saved them by switching.

  • Riverdivine

    Sorry- that link didn’t go through the first time-

  • Riverdivine

    Good for you for caring enough about your dog to further research. 🙂 I’ve had great luck with Halo’s Spot’s Stew/Chicken Dry for my Husky with a very sensitive tummy. Have tried her on a number of organic formulas, but this brand seems to agree with her the most. Best of luck-

  • Betsy Greer

    At least he’s chosen a healthy snack! : )

  • Cyndi

    Lol! I never had a dog that even liked tomatoes.

  • My large pug has a new trick – plucking and eating small tomatoes off the vine! They can’t have that many calories! He says he doesn’t want to be 30 lbs, he wants to be 31.

  • LabsRawesome

    I agree with what everyone else said. You are going from one garbage dog food to another. Feeding those foods is like you eating cheap hot dogs, corn chips, and kool-aid for dinner every night. Not a healthy diet, at all.

  • Betsy Greer

    You have to wonder why all four dogs need to be on weight control in the first place?

  • Butchroy

    You are on this website to learn how to feed your dog better and you decide to switch to Pedigree? I do not think you have looked around at this website at all!

  • Cyndi

    This site is very, very informative. Check out some of the 3, 4 or 5 star foods on here. Anything by Purina is crap, in my honest opinion and you can pretty much tell by the ingredients.

  • Cyndi

    Pedigree isn’t much better than Beneful. You should look at the 3, 4 or 5 star foods on this site. You might have to pay a bit more for a better food, but they’ll eat less of it because they’ll be less “crap” and filler in a better food.

  • Terri Lynn Gant Wright

    I have 4 dogs that are eating Beneful Weight Control and they have been on it for 4 months and since day one, they have had skin problems, lots of itching like they have fleas, but they don’t. Also they are constantly digging at their ears. Today I switched them to Pedigree weight control. Wish me luck – I don’t want them to keep suffering.

  • Clay

    I thought Purina and Beneful were top vet recommended brands? My dog Costa is only 1, but that’s all I’ve ever fed him. He’s the smartest little thing in the world. I’m not sure if his food has anything to do with it, but when I moved from my apartment to my parents he started getting fleas. His whole back end is kinda patchy. First I thought it was heat rash, but I’m thinking it might be fleas and/or Beneful. What should I be feeding him?

  • sylviarps

    I have a black lab who is 6 years old. He has seizures and we know he got it fron his grandfather. But he was on beneful and we noticed his hair falling like crazy.
    As soon as we changed the food, it got much better. But I am still not sure what would be the best dog food for his seizures and joints, since labs usually have joint problems.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry for your loss

  • My 9 year old retired racing greyhound Wilber died on Sept. 08. 2013. I was feeding him Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food at the time. A friend’s dog died a while back and the was eating Beneful. There are a lot of dog parents that are very upset because they have had a dog or dogs to get sick or die while eating Beneful. Check out Consumer Affairs website.
    I have filed complaints but the Government is shut down so the FDA and USDA are too. We need to somehow warn people! Complained to Beneful and they wanted to pay my vet expenses for Wilber if I signed a non-discloser statement. I said no and if they didn’t kill my dog then why did they want to pay me.
    Typical cut and paste response to complaints on Benefuls facebook page;”All of our products are 100% complete and balanced for their intended life stage. When it comes to the nutrients dogs need, grains, like corn, deliver. They provide antioxidants, energy-rich carbohydrate and fiber to promote digestion.” & “So sorry to hear your dog was ill (name). Please give us a call at 800-877-7551 so we can learn more about your experience. Thanks so much.”
    Beneful Angels – The Faces Behind the Statistics
    Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story!

  • Kathy Romaine

    You have a point-to a degree JellyCat. My cat lived to 20 yrs. old. However, he became diabetic,went on insulin, but a few years later reverted back. Up to that time I’d fed him whatever was on sale(which is loaded with carbs). I didn’t know the truth about pet food back then, UNFORTUNATELY. Yes, he lived til 20, what what QUALITY of health did he have? Not good. Just like humans..we all think we’re healthy because most don’t know anything about OPTIMAL health and how good they can feel. You can be 30 and feel and have the body of a 50 yrs. old-health-wise, and vice-versa.Same thing as our precious pets. WE have to do the best we can for THEM. If you really study pet food, you’ll understand that the majority of it on the shelves is junk.

  • LoJ

    I’m so sorry to hear this report. I am looking for such stories, though, as a few times my dog has suffered horrific itching problems and I believe it is whenever I feed her the Beneful dry dog food product. Thanks for sharing, though.

  • Kara

    I’ve read places that beneful dog food was causing dogs to get tumors, seizures, and a few other things. Right after I heard about it I bought my dogs new food because they had been eating beneful for three years now. After I found out I also took my dogs to the vet (this was about three weeks ago) and sadly 2 days ago he died. Because of mass tumors. We don’t know if that the dog food is the thing to cause the tumors, but that’s the only thing we could think of. Now, my best friend is gone and there’s nothing I can do about it but try to tell other people that beneful dog food is bad!! Please just buy another brand and save your pet. Also, don’t buy any animal food that’s made in a factory that also makes human food.

  • FYI

    I’ve been a dog groomer for 30 yrs every dog I groom that eats beneful dog food, has horrible an constant ear infection,yeast infection skin problem, there coats are so greasy I have to use dish soap to strip off the greasy on there hair. FYI

  • LabsAreDoggieDogs!

    ETHYLENE Glycol is extremely toxic to humans and animals. It is used in automotive antifreeze and has a sweet taste that animals like, so be careful how you dispose of it.

    PROPYLENE Glycol is nontoxic and used in solar hot water systems. In case there is a leak in the heat exchanger and that fluid mixes with your potable hot water supply, it will not make you sick, grossed out maybe, but not dead.

    That said, I still don’t want that stuff in my dog’s food!
    I’m very sorry about your dog.

  • ollie

    and ironic enough I had him on ” healthy weight” because he needed to lose 19 pounds.

  • ollie

    ive had my shepard/lab/newfoundland mix on beneful for a year
    not knowing the problems with it. im very pissed this crap is on the market. he has non cancer cyst on his glands so I thought his chewing and excesive water drinking was from that but now worried its from liver/kidney failure and will have to get him tested. WHY ISNT THIS NATIONAL NEWS ON TV OR PAPERS. will get my other tested when I take him to vets this Friday for shot updates.

  • Marsha

    There’s a closed group on FB whose members are parents of sick, formally sick, or those who weren’t so fortunate to “pull through”. They share their Beneful, and give terrific hemopathic advice on healing your fur friend. Here’s the link: There’s also a special page dedicated to the BFF’s – Best Fur Friends who are now the Angelz. please visit, like and share everywhere!

  • LoveMyDog

    That is so very sad. It’s sick that these companies only care about making money, and now you’re without your beloved dog. We’re so very sorry.

  • ChinMom2

    There are so many factors that can contribute to a dog’s health and longevity. Sounds like you did a great job with your dogs. I think people here need to be VERY careful with implications that people are not being truthful, condemning, or name-calling toward vets. The most intelligent way to choose a dog food is to read the ingredients and do research, NOT buy into advertising (I’m a former advertising major).

  • Rat Terrier Lover

    Beneful dog food & Waggin’ Train Jerky Treats (both made by Nestle-Purina) have Propylene Glycol (POISON) in them, which was the cause of my beloved dog’s death!!! He died in my arms, 3 minutes away from the animal hospital on July 12th, 2012. I still miss him everyday. :`(

  • I honestly disagree with you. “Shady” vets, as you call them, are quite the minority. Most of work very hard and care a lot about your pets. I am sorry you had a bad experience.

  • The number one thing is to care, and you do.

  • beaglemom

    Please don’t beat yourself up! And I know exactly how you feel — our dogs used to be on beneful, kibbles ‘n bits, and purina one… UGH!!! You’ve come to the right place to learn!! 🙂

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi mpierce, what food have you switched your dogs over to? I can recommend some foods, what is your monthly budget for dog food?

  • mpierce

    I just don’t understand how this stuff can even be on the shelves at all. I’m personally disgusted with myself for being one of the people who fell for Purina/Beneful’s “false advertisement” packaging & commercials on how great their product is. At the busiest/most stressful time in my life…so far…(my husband was deployed, I was pregnant & helping our 2 1/2 year old through the first deployment he has ever experienced) I stupidly didn’t take the time look into the food any further than what I saw on TV or saw on the shelves. I saw that it was a few bucks cheaper than what we were paying, looked healthy still so I thought, “why not?”…WRONG decision! Our poor dogs. I feel SO terrible. They were a little over weight to begin with so I put them on the “Healthy Weight”…I know what a joke! Well…they started losing weight alright. I stupidly thought it was a good thing. They were constantly hungry though & we often had to clean up diarreah & vommit messes. Their skin also became very sensitive & it was not a flea problem! Their skin has darkened on their bellies & their teeth are now rotten & falling out. None of which were a problem a 2 years ago before they were on this sorry excuse for a food. I know there are some doubters out there that say Beneful can’t be to blame for a dog being sick…but when NONE of these symptoms existed before ALL 3 of my dogs started eating Beneful & it starts right after I switched them to it..I’m pretty sure there is a connection! Do yourselves a favor & don’t have the guilt I feel everyday! DON’T BUY PURINA/BENEFUL!!!

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Molly & Meat, at the beginning of your post you mention that you just watched the news…..but then you never said what the news story was about. Something bad about Beneful? I’m guessing….. I can’t imagine why. Just kidding. Beneful gets the worst dog food ever award. It is floor sweepings, food coloring, and sugar- to get the dogs to eat such an unnatural “food”.

  • Molly & Meat

    Just watched the news – WPIX PA – My dog which turned 9 last month; I bought her Beneful when it first came out; she got sick, was itching, lost all her fur off her back side – it was HORRIBLE! To this day – she has 4 areas on her where the fur never grew back. My vet had a long list of other dogs that had gotten sick from Beneful and he was alerting whom ever the Vets report to regarding problems. I was against Beneful at the beginning and have warned everyone not to buy this product. My dogs are Iams dogs and have NEVER had a problem.

  • Zachary P. Hall

    At this dog store, (not a major company one) they told me that Beneful is awful and I can’t believe that it has sugar. Who would put sugar in dog food? Actually, this isn’t dog food, it is more of a joke.

  • JellyCat

    I don’t believe that, because I’ve seen so many dogs that did not do well on Purina products and never lived as long as 19 years and were not disease free. However their owner would still believe that their pets doing just fine.
    I have also seen other animals on purina and judging by their condition I will never agree that purina is a great food.

  • Iamartandart

    Thanks Kristy, that’s exactly what I did. I know have a great vet who was recommended by a good friend. There are so many shady vets out there.

  • Kristy Lamm

     I’m surprised your vet let you go a year and that you had to figure that out on your own.. usually the food is the first thing a GOOD vet will suggest to try n help skin conditions. Maybe you want to find a new vet too

  • deb708

    If your dog’s not worth a few more bucks for better food then maybe you shouldn’t own a pet.  I buy good quality food for my 2 german shepherds and it cost me about $10/wk.  Most people waste that much on 2 cups of coffee.  Your animals are an investment and if this many people are having problems with this food you should listen and maybe avoid costly vet bills down the road!

  • Pooshii2013

    Have you ever thought that the dogs were allergic to something…a lot of dogs eat Purina and live long healthy lives…18 year old wolf, 15 & 16 year old American cocker. Spaniel, presently 9 year old & 191/2 year old daschunds…ALL FED PURINA! 

  • Pooshii2013

    OMG I can’t believe what I’m reading…has it ever dawned on the few people who complain that there are millions of dogs…perhaps your animals are allergic or have intolerance to certain ingredients…the rise of allergies in humans is why wouldn’t animals be affected?  I’ve had dogs purebred my whole life & they have all lived or are living to past 15 years old.  Had a wolf (part shepherd ) lived till 18 & presently a daschund 19 1/2 yrs old & they have eaten nothing but Purina….what you feed your dog is somewhat up to you but its common bloody sense if the animal reacts don’t blame it entirely on the food as I’ve witnessed people try lots of varieties &have same problems…sometimes it’s one ingredient that is the problem…

  • Iamartandart

    I fed my shihtzu this crap for about half a year before realizing it was crap. He had skin problems all over (flaking and blacking of the skin, to say the least, weird lesions to say the most.) and I spent so much money on taking him to the vet and buying expensive medicines and shampoos. After visiting this website, I finally found the underlying cause and immediately switched him to EVO products. In just a month all problems are gone – just like that. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOGS THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR DOG FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    What a doll!!  He’s lucky to have you.  Keep up the good work.

  • Shawna

    What a gorgeous boy!!!!  Love the leaf backdrop 🙂 

    I’m a bully lover too 🙂  Grew up with a Staffordshire…  Don’t have one now but will again…

  • BullyLover

    Recently got a puppy from a family who bought him at a pet store (yuck) and didn’t know how to raise him. He was overweight and had a lot of dandruff when we got him and it was because his previous family was feeding him a Beneful Healthy weight (LOL) dry food. Switched him to Wellness Large breed puppy, took him for walks and now he is healthy and the dandruff cleared within the week that i took him off that crap.

  • hounddogmom12

    dog handbags,

    Brace yourself…Beneful is one of the worst brands of dog food on the market and in general you want to avoid healthy weight formulas (even when feeding a high quality food). You can read the review for Beneful here: . As you will see, the first ingredient isn’t even meat…it’s corn! Beneful also doesn’t contain real quality meat, it contains animal by-products and animal digest. It has artificial colorings and added sugar. As far as healthy weight formulas, basically meat is taken out to reduce the fat content and grains are added in, consequently both the fat and the protein content are lowered and the carbohydrate content is raised – something you don’t want. A dog’s diet should be high in protein, moderately high in fat, and low in carbohydrates. As far as picking a higher quality food, it’s really going to depend on your budget. Any four or five star food would be a great choice, but some can be very pricey. Some of my favorite budget-friendly four star foods to recommend are: Whole Earth Farms, Healthwise, NutriSource, Nutro-Natural Choice, Nature’s Recipe, and Eagle Pack. Most of these brands are available online and at pet specialty stores. If your only option is Wal-Mart/grocery store brands, at least consider Purina One Beyond – it’s not a great food, but it’s a big step up from Beneful.

  • Eve’sHumanMom

    Hi Dog handbags,

    If you really want to feed the best, have a look at the 4- and 5-star lists on this site:  5-Star Dry Dog Foods
    4-Star Dry Dog Foods
    That said, there are dogs who through genetic disposition and or luck have been able to thrive on even the products with the worst ingredients. 

  • I’m feeding my Yorkies Beneful healthy weight, they seem to like it. Is
    this a good dog food to feed them? I only want the best for them.

  • Ilovemymailbox

    It’s cheap crap. You couldn’t pay me enough to feed that to my dog.

  • Beneful dog food is not a good dog food either.  For the most part, the first 5 ingredients are what makes up the dog food. And food coloring is a chemical additive and dogs definitely do not need sugar or propylene glycol either.

    Look for a dog food that is free of food colors, sugars, chemical preservatives, and generic meats and fats.

    And my dogs do love stinky food.  I feed mine raw green tripe and canned green tripe and sardines and other raw foods.

  • Threenorns

    “dark, smells bad, and has no colour” – you’re forgetting something:  dogs only care about what it smells and tastes like – and what humans think smells awful, dogs think is filet mignon as anyone who’s seen a dog dig up a bone that’s high, green, and stinking and proceed to chew on it in ecstasy will tell you.

  • Jmatti9753

    I need to reiterate..I didn’t finish..does that mean dog food that is dark and smells..and has no color is actually good for our dogs? Sorry for the typo..I am just greatful they do tell us about recalls..but then again..look at the dates..who keeps dog food aroung that long? 2010 2009? We check dates for our own food right? Take care fellow Dog lovers!

  • Jmatti9753

    Benefil is not a bad dog food. It keeps my AKC Pekingese’s Healthy, shiney Coats. It does have Rice and lamb in it..if you look at the ingredients.Along with Vegetables. I agree its colorful. But does that mean dog food that smells bad and is dark? I think Dog food is good for your dog if it keeps there teeth clean. It makes there coat shiny and they don’t gain weight. I give snacks inbetween.I also treat them to Pasta, chicken, and Ice long as the Ice Cream is DQ which is Ice Milk. Remember a long lived a well loved dog.

  •  sugar, that’s in it

  • I am so disgusted by this brand.  Purina markets it as healthy.  It is low on meat and has lots of artificial ingredients.  They even put sugar in it.  They dye the food pretty colors and put it in a bag with pictures of veggies and cuts of meat.  They market it as healthy.  The food has more sugar than veggies and very little meat.  An accurate artist description would be a bag with pictures of corn, rotting gross stuff and sugar.  That would not sell dog food.

    If you think this is a good healthy high quality dog food, you are being duped.  Do you believe every advertisement.

  • Rachelb

    Just because your Vet “approved” the food doesn’t mean crap. Vets also get financial kickbacks from companies like Science Diet and Iams to sell their food. Oftentimes, the only Vets that ever approve or suggest wholistic food are holistic vets. I know because my husband is one. Do your research, read the ingredients and you will see the nasty byproducts and Chinese filler that are put in commercial dog food and marketed to the general public. It should be outlawed.

  • Threenorns

    my dog’s a border collie mix – weighs 70lbs.  smart as cracking and has all the energy of a purebred BC (which he very possibly might be:  of a litter of 11, only he and his sister didn’t look like the black-and-white parents; he could be a throwback).  

    beneful gave him screaming diarrhea.

    had i two more border collies, i’m pretty sure they’d’ve gotten the runs, too.

    so is your personal experience more valid than my personal experience or shall we let the simple facts tell the story?

  • Threenorns

    “old roy”, lol – omg, i remember that stuff!  lumber industry byproduct meal, lolol – yeah – my dad fed it to our dogs when we were kids.  he FREAKED when he found out what i was feeding my dog – said it was “wasted” food.  told him to belt up and go back to coronation street.

  • Threenorns

    that’s one of the reasons my dog ended up on raw food diet – i mean raw food, same as what i feed the family and myself.  he was chewing through big bags of store-brand “cheap” kibble to the tune of two a week – about $160/mo.  i wised up, did research, and found the local brand available that was recommended was acana – cost dropped to $135/mo because he was still chewing through 2-1/2x the recommended serving size just to maintain body condition (70lb border collie mix – uber-mega-high energy).  i feed him from the discount meat bin at the grocery store.  he eats sirloin, ground round, t-bone, blade steaks, pot roast, chicken (quarters, necks, backs), turkey (wings, legs, necks), lamb (if it’s not too expensive).  he also eats fresh fruit and veg.

    costs me maximum $120/mo.

  • I have a French Bulldog, I’ve tried feeding him Beneful twice, both times it’s made him VERY sick.  I looked at the ingredients and wasn’t impressed. Looks like garbage to me. 

  • nolagal

    It is actually not cheaper to feed Beneful if you look at what the suggested serving size is.  
    Beneful (1 star food): 3 2/3 to 4 3/4 cups for 51 to 75 pounds.  31lb bag is $38.Canidae Grain Free(5 star food): 2-3 cups for 51 to 75 pounds 30lb bag is $53.

    Prices based off Amazon.  Simple math says you will pay closer to $70 for Beneful to the $53 for Canidae for the same # of feedings.  

  • Bob K

    Ryah – Two easy questions  1.) If you had not read this analysis of the
    food and someone asked what the ingredients were to Beneful, what would
    you have told them?  2.) If you walked into your grocery store and there
    was no more dog food available, what would you buy for your dog at the
    store?  I highly doubt you would buy:   Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat, rice flour, 

    You can feed your dog a 3 or 4 star rated dog food for less than half the price of a McDonalds Kids meal., Taco Bell, Subway or half the cost of a Starbucks Latte per day.    There are many affordable brands.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Please click on the link to the dry food and READ the ingredients detailed in the review.  They are simply facts, Ryah.  The creator of this site, Dr. Sagman, has absolutely no vested interest in whether you buy expensive food or not.  He created this site so that consumers could become better informed and see what some of these companies are selling you as “food” are really made of.  You can’t argue with the FACTS.  The facts are, this food is made from cheap industrial agriculture by-products, meat-packing by-products, propylene glycol, sugar, flavor enhancers and several ingredients that include free glutamic acid, artificial color… there is literally NOTHING good about this food.  As someone who works in pet retail, I have seen hundreds of sick, scabby, itchy, gassy, and/or over weight dogs that were eating THIS FOOD and became healthy even just switching them to something like Pro Pac which is only $27.99 for 33 pounds.  Not expensive, huh?  That’s about the same price as Beneful, but Pro Pac has a 3 1/2 star rating on this web site because it is made with obviously better ingredients.  When you buy Purina, you are paying for marketing, not ingredients.  Do your living dogs a favor and actually read the review of the dry food (this is just a brand summary) so you can see what is in it and what those ingredients really are.      

  • sandy

    I thought my dogs were doing great as well, but I didn’t know how much better they could be since I never fed anything better.  But they did improve greatly.  You won’t know how much more healthful they can become if you’ve never fed any better foods for the longterm. And why would you want your dogs to ingest these kinds of ingredients?

  • Marie

    The purpose of this site is not to give you a guilt trip. You can buy and feed whatever you’d like, of course, but the fact that your dog lived until 16 1/2 doesn’t make Beneful any less awful of a food.

  • Ryah

    I have 3 Border Collies…all are on Beneful (approved by the Vet).  My last Border Collie lived to 16 1/2 years old…. extremely healthy, beautiful teeth & coat. Amazing for an older guy of 115 1/2 !! The day he died, he played, ate, laid down for an afternoon nap….. and didn’t wake up. Not sick… not on meds.
    Sorry–I see this as a GUILT TRIP to buy ‘Foo-Foo-she-she’ High Priced B.S. !!

  • Dave’s Hounds

    Tuley you need to feed your dog whatever you think is best but you should do some research and you will see that Beneful is not good food.

  • Tuley

    I have a 7 year old golden retriever and have only feed him Beneful. He eats 3 times a day and has a beautiful rich red coat and is constantly full of energy. When i started i let him eat whenever he was hungry but that was almost constant. 🙂 so i put him on a schedule. He’s always been on the Healthy Weight variety. The vet has never had any negative comments for my dog and in fact has been very please with how healthy he is. I know things are different with each individual dog just as it is with people but i’ve had good experiences with Beneful. My previous dog was on it for 4 years, happy and healthy, before she slipped a couple disks in her back and it came down to quality of life…

  • Bumble Bee’s
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    char-grilled to exacting temperatures that ensure each bite is
    succulent and juicy.  Bumble Bee’s salsas will awaken your taste buds
    with just enough bite to complement your entrees without dominating

  • KathyB

    my niece and great nieces have chihuauas and only feed them Holistic Select dog food. all natural and they love. Please don’t fee your dog beneful my puggle just came back from vets with a back allergy to the crap. Not dog food, I won’t feed it to the wild. Try Holistic Select, Petco has it.

  • Tammy

    I’ve been feeding my golden retriever Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul for most of her 4 yrs of life. However, we were on an extended trip when we ran out, and was unable to find it anywhere, and had to settle for a grocery store brand. Beneful certainly looked good on the shelf, but it wreaked havoc on my poor girl. After only feeding her Beneful for 6 weeks, she lost all her usual vigor and energy, started loosing tons of her previously beautiful fur, now dull. And from all the coloring in Beneful, her sweet pink belly turned black, and it took over a year to get all the black gone! This is a horrible excuse for dog food, I will never use it again. And I beg all of you to never feed this to your beloved pet!

  • Lorri

    To everyone that responded to my question (8-16-2011), thank you for your suggestions. I did just find out the reason he (my Border Collie) wasn’t really eating wasn’t the new food (the timing was just a coincidence) but he had a tumor in his intestines. It was removed last week and he’s on prescription food for another week and then I will try the Kirkland again as soon as the vet gives the ok. Thank you again for responding 😀

  • Michelle

    Dog Food Ninja, it still lists you as Jonathan on the left under Top Commentators. lol DFN.

  • Kimberly, there are far better foods that are the same price, maybe even cheaper, than Beneful. Take a look at Pro Pac, Kirkland’s, Perfectly Natural, Diamond Natural, even Nutro Max.

  • Kimberly Puryear

    Hi, I have a 4 yr old Cockapoo. I fed him on Halo because of another pet owners request. When I found this site I started checking out the dog foods I was giving him. I started out with Petigree, then Netro. Because of my friend he is on Halo. I was in a accident and my money is severely limited now. Even being a Vet I can not get help. An aid brought me some food for him, it is Beneful IncrediBites. I know it is not the best but the food I get Oreo is expensive. It is hard to get good dog food on a limited budget. I hope my dog will be ok.

  • Shawna

    I very much prefer the open blogs.. I’ve only been on one “yahoo forum” requiring moderator approval for every post/poster… Open to all topics related to dog/cats (vaccination, food, illnesses, training etc).

    I only had one post blocked — linking to the FDA info on 4d and pentobarbitol ingredients. The forum is sponsored by Purina so I’m actually lucky it was the only post blocked :).. If people think they get beat up a bit on this site —- try one like that ;). You REALLY have to know your stuff to get anywhere. I was able to convert a few people on diet and vaccination (including the moderator :).. It was just too cumbersome and lagging however and I evenutally got tired of waiting for replies…

    I, and I’m sure others, very much appreciate the style of this blog as well as your participation. I actually am enjoying this more then my “normal” home and may have to have a new “normal”.. 😉

  • OK, Shawna. I think I got the right ones. Sorry for this problem. It’s very unlikely this would ever happen to you again.

    In any case, from the very beginning, I decided to keep our blog completely open without requiring email registration or confirmation for anyone. Posting on an open blog is so much more natural. Comments appear in real time rather than waiting hours sometimes for approval by the moderator before they appear.

  • Shawna

    Oh, just realized all were showing now… In that case, would you mind leaving the first and removing all after? Thanks a bunch!!!!

  • Shawna

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for checking and approving 🙂 You can leave this one up and delete the others. If anyone has difficulty finding either article they can post and I will re-post the links.

    I completely understand the need for a spam filter and appreciate your attempts to spare us all from unwanted advertising (and especially the “even worse”)!!

  • Hi Shawna… I agree with your suggestion that older dogs actually need more protein. My findings have produced similar research.

    By the way, I found 4 of your posts trapped in the spam filter. I’ve now marked them as “approved” so this is not likely to happen again. Sorry I have to keep this software active. But without it, we’d be overwhelmed with unwanted advertising (and even worse).

    Please let me know which one you’d like to keep and I’ll delete the others. Thanks for the tip.

  • Shawna

    I agree with Melissa. An “all life stage” food is going to have all the nutrients required by each stage of life making feeding much easier..

    For your senior — they have know for over 10 years now that “senior” dogs actually need MORE protein then when they were adults as they are not as efficient at digesting their foods. The below quote is taken from nutritionist Mary Straus’ website ( Mary writes nutrition articles for Whole Dog Journal and other publications as well as owner of dog aware.

    “The truth is that there is no reason to feed a lower protein diet to senior dogs. While lower protein diets have traditionally been recommended for senior dogs based on assumptions such as those above, we now know that a protein-rich diet is especially important for older dogs, due to the fact that their systems are less efficient at metabolizing protein. Recent studies show that healthy older dogs may need as much as 50 percent more protein than their younger adult counterparts.”

    Nutritionist Lew Olson, vet Dr. Karen Becker and many others agree with, and have written articles about, the above quoted information.

    Drs Foster and Smith also have an article on this. Having a hard time finding it but came across this — titled “Feed Your Collie Right” (thought it was appropriate :))

    I don’t agree with much of the article but do agree with the quote on protein in senior dogs. It is written by a vet.

    “The ability to metabolize protein decreases with age, so senior dogs–even healthy ones–need up to 50 percent more protein than younger adults. Inadequate protein intake can cause muscle wasting, weakness and immune system impairment.”

    Michelle is right — “senior” (most) dog foods are a marketing scam to push lower protein, higher carb foods on unsuspecting consumers.

  • melissa


    I would consider using an All life stage formula for all three-Since the one is the “picky eater” find something ALS and then the other two can transition to it. Check your bags-if any of them say ‘all life stage” see if your old man will eat it, then problem solved : ) My old timers and young all eat the same food, with the amounts dictating the difference, not the “senior” lableing which I consider a marketing ploy(there is no AAFCO standard for senior-)

  • Hi Lorri… Unfortunately, due to the biological uniqueness of each pet, I cannot provide customized reviews and product comparisons for each reader. For more help, please check out my reviews and visit our FAQ page. Look for the topic, “Help Me Choose a Dog Food”. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers. Wish I could be more help.

  • Lorri

    I have 3 dogs, 11yr old Border Collie, 7yr old Papillon, & a 6 month old Aussie. I switched all 3 from Beneful to Kirkland the Papillon & Aussie like it, the Border Collie wasn’t eating, so this weekend I gave him some of the Beneful and he’s eating again. I need a suggestion of something else I can give him that he might like, but also would be better for him. Also inexpensive would be nice since they’re all eating different stages of food (puppy, healthy weight, and senior) Thank you for any suggestions.

  • Cynthia

    I think if you know your dog that will help along with doing the research I didn’t do initially. I’ve tried to feed my Shepherd/Chow mix Alpo – he threw it up everytime, I fed him Beneful, where initially he liked it but after about a month he refused to eat anymore of it – I then tried Kibbles ‘n Bits, he refused to eat that. I heard a lot about Blue and tried that. He responded well to that but as he got older it became too expensive – he would have to eat 4 cans a day ($120.00/mo). So I switched over to Pedigree – thinking it was a quality brand – he would literally eat grass and dirt before he would eat the Pedigree. I would force him, but he wasn’t eating enough, he was losing weight, and his coat looked horrible. I tried Chef Micheals, he would eat it but it wasn’t doing much for his coat or his temperament. He seemed to become whiney. Speaking with the folks at PetSmart I decided to try BilJac…say what you want but he’s eating like he should, the grass/dirt eating has completely stopped, his coat is looking so much better and he’s more confident now. I feel bad for feeding him crap for so long, but the BilJac has made a huge difference in a short period of time.

  • I forgot to mention that we feed them Eukanuba dry food, and bought Beneful dry food also. We were just mixing in a little of the Beneful but it doesn’t sound like a good idea. It must have something in it because it was like a drug to them. Thanks Sandy for the tips, I will check them out.

  • sandy


    There are so many better foods out there to list!! But I’ve personally used Merrick 5-star Entrees like Grammy’s Pot Pie, Wilderness Blend and Turducken and Merrick cans. I also use Nature’s Variety Prairie Chicken and Prairie Salmon, and Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck & Turkey. Check them out at and I’ve probably used about 10 different kinds of dog foods by now.

  • Our 2 year old Akita’s have been fed Eukanuba dog food but have never liked it. I didn’t think to check reviews of Beneful but should have. The dogs loved it but luckily this is only day 3 so I will stop feeding it to them. Any suggestions for something tastier than the bland dogfoods. Our dogs are pretty picky and when we go away we want to make it easier for family to watch them and not have to “prepare” food for them. We had been adding cooked chicken to the other dog food just to get them to eat. I know it’s not the answer but didn’t know what to do?

  • Michelle

    Lisa, here are some good budget-friendly foods. Costco’s has Kirkland Signature $12.00 for a 20lb bag or $25.00 for a 40lb bag.Tractor Supply has 4health and Diamond Naturals.Petco has Whole Earth Farms. Each dog is an individual and has different caloric needs, but their is a “dog food calculator” on this site.

  • Bob K

    A few ideas: Diamond Natural (Menards often has it on sale), Kirkland (Costco exclusive), 4Health (TSC – Tractor Supply exclusive), Authority (Petsmart exclusive), Whole Earth Farms, Premium Edge, Eagle Pack,

  • Lisa

    I am looking for a good dog food but am newly married and do not have a lot of money to spend. I have a 3 year old Golden Retriever who seems to be very healthy. I also do not know how much to feed him. As of now I feed him 1 scoop twice a day. Which seems to fill him up but not overfeed him.

    What are some good foods for your dog but at a cheap price?

  • Jonathan

    That’s awesome, Mike P. I too have seen similar changes in dogs and cats when moved from crap like this to a better food. 🙂

  • Mike P

    Jonathan , My sis in law travels alot and we sit her toy poodle . She went to florida for two months and left beneful with us . The poodle stayed in her crate and was very reclusive . After about two weeks of that , I switched her to Fromm grain free. Within a week she started playing with our boxer and completely changed . She finally feels healthy and is enjoying life, and my sis couldn’t be happier . Lots to be said about good food …

  • Jonathan

    “…I have considered switching her diet. But I can’t find a good reason to do that…”

    Really? because I can think of a lot of good reasons. 12 good reasons to be exact…

    Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat, soy flour, sugar, propylene glycol, meat and bone meal, animal digest, added color, and menadione sodium bisulfite complex.

  • Bo

    I have to admit I didn’t know much about dog food nutrition (or nutrition in general) when I started rescuing dogs off the streets of Los Angeles 18 years ago, though after years of feeding my basset hound Science Diet I stopped, because someone told me there was rubber(!) as one of the ingredients. I didn’t do much research (we didn’t have the internet then), and honestly cannot remember why I started feeding her Beneful. She died shortly after from stomach cancer, and I always blamed myself for having fed her Science Diet, knowing she hadn’t been on the Beneful long enough to create a slow growing cancer. I continued to use the Beneful for all of my rescues, including the one I still have, a 17 year old Akita/Chow mix that I picked up over 15 years ago. At some point I switched her to the Healthy Weight formula, and to date she is in perfect health except for a little arthritis. She gets blood work every six months and her labs are perfect, including her liver and kidneys, both of which have also been ultrasounded (is that a word?) just to be sure. Over the years, as I have become more informed, I have considered switching her diet. But I can’t find a good reason to do that when my is healthy, happy, alert, and will still break into a run (albeit a short one) to chase the neighborhood cats!

  • Mike P

    Lenny I feel so bad for you ,that you got dooped by the fancy packaging . You spend money on a food you think is good because it cost more than the other junk . I fell into that trap and now am glad you found this site. Spend some time here and read the great post from the informed pet owners . Dr mike has so many great reviews on food that can be found anywhere . I’m sure you will find a great food for the same money you spend now . Good luck Lenny

  • melissa

    We need a darn Costco in my part of Ny, lol

  • Bob K

    Jonathan & Lenny – Don’t forget Menards for Diamond Natural, Farm and Fleet and Tractor Supply Company (TSC) for some decent dog foods. Menards just had 20lb bags of Diamond Natural on sale for 16.99. My usual price of Diamond Natural 40lbs. is about $28.00 at Menards.

  • Jonathan

    could have been an allergic reaction to the wheat gluten (3rd ingredient). Or just a bad reaction to what amounts to a pile of industrial waste! If you have a pet store you can shop at, by all means, check out some better (and not even more expensive, sometimes, cheaper!) brands. Pro Pac, Nutro, Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Authority, AvoDerm, Diamond Naturals. If you do not have a pet store, try an upscale grocery store. I know the Harris Teeter in my town has Evolve, Iams Premium Protection, One Beyond, Lassies, Harmony Farms, and Newman’s Own. And if you are near a Coscos, SCORE! They have Kirkland’s with is WAY cheaper than Beneful, and about as good as Blue Buffalo.

  • Bob K

    Lenny – Have you read the reviews of the dog food you mention? Its crap !! For what you pay for Beneful you can get a much better food if you care about yout pets. Better food and save money. Sounds like a no brainer

  • Lenny

    I have 1 pug which eats the ol roy soft pouches, a 1.5 y/o dob that eats Beneful complete dry, and a new Dob pup that eats Benful for pups. I never had a problem until recently. We got a coupon to get 2 free benefule radu meals wit hthe the pup food. So we bought them. I mixed a little with each dogs food to give them a treat. Big mistake. All three have been throwing up and have diarea and the large dob has a swollen mouth. Kaopectate and Benedril did the trick but OMG, what the hell is in those ready meals?

  • Hi Scott… You’ve highlighted a very important differentiating feature of dog food. A product’s intrinsic value. The number of calories per cup can vary dramatically for each recipe (even within the same brand’s product line). So, from a cost standpoint, the value of a food is not always easily compared.

  • Scott

    Unfortunately in this economy many people do have to “think with their pocketbook.” However, there are two comments I will make about affording good food for your pets.

    First, before you adopt a pet, it is your responsibility to determine if you can properly care for the pet. Which includes time, shelter and money to list a few. Time spent with the pet for playing, bonding, exercise etc. Proper shelter whether inside or outside dog. And most important money for routine care such as vet bills, toys and of course proper nutrition. I am not a rich man by any defintion of the word, but all of my dogs are taken care of completely in every category. Even if it means I do not buy that new car, TV etc. because it is my responsibility.

    Second, I have not seen mentioned on this website yet (although I have only came across it a few days ago) is comparing the amount of food you have to feed your dog between a 4 or 5 star food VS a 1 or 2 star food. Although some higher rated dog foods are more expensive, since it is more nutrional you actually feed your dog less then a lower rated dog food. If I was to feed one of my Rotts a lower rated food, I would have to feed almost 8 cups of day. However, on a good dog food I only have to feed 4 cups a day. So eventhough the intitial cost is more, the food last longer which makes the difference in price negligible.

    Great website! I look forward to more hours of informative reading as a I continue to explore this site.

  • Melissa


    In this economy many people have to “think with their pocketbook” and make decisions based on cost. I would just suggest that if in this situation, the person make a list of the “better rated” foods and go out comparision shopping. They may be surprised that many of the foods are very affordable, or at least not as expensive as they thought they would be.In my part of NY, foods such as Eukanuba, Purina proplan, science diet and Nutro(all foods I do not wish to feed, but have in the past) are MORE expensive than some of the 4 star rated foods and a few of the 5 star.

    As for the rest of your comment, I have not had the opportunity to read the study where it states that those symptoms you list will suddenly develop at the age 0f 7 yrs forward-could you please provide the link that states this? I am of course most interested. Thanks!


  • sue

    kathy don’t read the reviews read the ingreds in bag then decided and ask yourself this good for my dog. NO!!!!! it is pure garbage. I use to rep for blue buffallo and i had a lady looking for different food because she bought a bag of beneful and her dog almost died and it cost her quite a bit of money on the vet bill. my sister use to feed beneful and her dogs teeth were red and swollen and boy did they stink and there fur was so ugly and finally after my nagging , there dogs were fed a great dog food and the transformation was awesome . stop deciding what to feed your animal with your pockets book your dog is your responbilities to feed a food that will built strong muscle and immune strong. not some not healthy dog food. I’m not saying to go out by the best of the best i am saying buy something your dog with be strong and healthy. most damage to your dog will start showing around 7 on. greasey fur, smell, hot spots, ear infections, sores and then you will go to the vet and for this and be put on steroids. Go check out dinovite website they a product that works wonders. I now feed before grain in the long run it save me money from all the vet bills

  • Mara

    I have 2 beautiful dogs…a Yorkie/poo and a Chihuahua/Terrier….I’ve been feeding them with Beneful thinking it was good…and they seemed to like it… chihuahua/terrier been having seizures…which not only scared me to death!! But made me start looking for answers..and txs to this website,and some other information, I realized that the food its slowly killing my “baby”..

  • Jonathan

    Kathy, just click on the 3, 4, and 5 star categories and limit your search to the food there… then you can’t go wrong! 🙂

  • Kathy

    Thanks, Lynne girl or whatever:
    and Bob:

    I thought I saw Science Diet as one of the better ones – guess I’ll read ALL the reviews first, then decide on the best. thanks.

  • Lynne

    Kathy-Girl, don’t give your little Pom Pom Science Diet! Look at one on the 5 star foods, like Wellness Core! Science Diet is just as bad as the 1 and 2 star beneful!

  • Bob K

    Kathy – Why Science Diet – It is a 2 Star food? You can find better dog foods cheaper.

  • Kathy

    Thanks so much for the info – Beneful did seem like a good product, also very expensive, and my dog likes it. But I will now switch to Science dog food. Only want the best for my Pom, Kirby!!! Kathy

  • Jonathan

    Giavonni, when your dog is only 10 years old and is covered with cysts and is dying early from cancer and/or diabetes, come back and post about how great this ridiculous food is.

    Better yet, if you think it is so great, you eat it. Eat it for one month then report back on how well you are feeling.

    I hope for your dog’s sake that your above post was a joke.

  • Giavonni Feuerstorme

    I give my dog beneful and she can fly now! I wouldn’t give her anything else. I give this website one star…in the face!

  • Hi Martha… Finding the right food for your dog depends more on its life age. Puppy or adult? Choose any 3, 4 or 5-star food that you think your dog would like, decide if you want a dry or canned product. And that’s all there is to it.

    Oh, one more thing. You don’t want to offer your Chihuahua a large size kibble that he can just barely fit into his mouth. It would be too difficult to chew. So, when you shop, just try to feel the size of the kibble by pinching the outside of the bag.

  • Jonathan

    There isn’t necessarily a “good food for Chihuahuas” Martha. Every food is different, and every dog is different. Just look through Mike’s lists of 3, 4 and 5 star foods and when you go to the store, try to pick one with smaller kibbles. “breed specific” food hoovers on the gimmicky side of things. Royal Canin does make a Chihuahua food if you really want something “for Chihuahuas”.

  • martha

    some one can tell me which food is good for chihuauas
    i recently chance the food to beneful bat the star geting weith i dont no what to do.

  • Oh my God, Eileen, thank you for confirming what I have been going through. Beneful is made by Purina and our Beagle was acting lethargic, weak, and bit me as well, after feeding him Mighty Dog and Beneful. He could barely stand and now that we have stopped feeding him this stuff, he is better. Spread the word!

  • Kevin

    I had prided myself in that I had been eating much healthier the past couple years, but had only recently really started to question what I was feeding my pets. I thought (like many) that I was buying a quality product. I’d read several ads about dog food ingredients and about avoiding the top 3 overused ingredients in many dogs foods – corn, chicken by-products, and soybean. I began reading labels and asking questions and did recently switch both my dog & cat to 4Health. It would have been much easier if I’d found this web site sooner. It has been an eye-opening experience reading your website. While I was embarrassed to learn that I had been feeding my pets such crap, I am much more confident now in my choice. I do plan to share this website with friends & family. Great job & thank you!

    By the way, both my dog & cat are much more enthused about their mealtimes.

  • Jonathan

    Evelyn, why on earth would your dogs need weight control dog food in the first place? what were they eating before? Weight control dog foods are complete gimmicks. And Beneful being amoung the worst. To make the food “lite” they reduce the meat and fat content (both good for dogs) and replace it with extra carbs (which do a doggy no good and turn into blood sugar, than stored fat). Most People I meet with an overweight dog feed it a “weight control” formula. And guess what? Their dogs always seem to remai over weight.
    I’m sorry for your dogs that you think Beneful is a good thing to be putting into their bodies. As you live each day, your body is constantly replacing cells. And where does the material to do so come from? Well, food. So if you are feeding your dog Beneful, then their cells are being replaced each day, in the millions, by potential cancer causing material, dead pets and road kill, resturant grease, and horribly low quality grains. Just saying.

  • Dave

    Evelyn, it’s all about the ingredients. And the ingredients are terrible. Corn, wheat, soy, by-products, food coloring, sugar, preservatives.

    Think of wild animals. Better yet, think of wolves. Now try to imagine them out in a field grazing on corn or wheat. It doesn’t happen. Same thing with soy, food coloring, sugar, and artificial preservatives.

    Their meals are always protein. Yes, good dog foods include some grains, but they will be high quality barley and brown rice. Never in a flour form.

    I wish you and your dogs the best. I mean it. 🙂


    Sorry to hear all the negative reports on Beneful, but it’s not going to sway me. I have 2 dachshunds and feed them the weight control mix, with excellent results, as dachshunds are prone to back problems. I also like the new zipper pack, because living in the deep south, it keeps the moisture out and the food nice and fresh. I think each of the negatives is outweighed by ten-fold positives.

  • Ginger Wong

    I am not a dog lover whatsoever BUT my 18 year old daughter changed her dog to Beneful. A week later we were driving in from another state and my daughter called in a panic. Her dog “Simon” had chewed up a plastic kennel, now he wasn’t even inside of it, and when she entered the room he attacked her. She kicked him back and drug him outside. He was foaming at the mouth and growling at her. This is the sweetest dog on earth, my daughter even was attacked by two dogs and he hid behind her for protection. She called our old vet, he was on call, and they said they would probably have to put him down. When we got home 3 hours later, my husband went over to tend to them and Simon was calmed down but exhausted looking (confused too). The next day we took him to our new vet, she did tests and recommended a behavior school. Right before we began to leave, she said “I should have asked this but what food is in on?” We told her Beneful, she laughed and said I know what is wrong with him. It was the food. She said she has had more dogs come in with abrupt behavior changes due to some dog foods and Beneful was #1. We quickly threw that crap out and went and bought the Costco brand, which has no wheat or corn. He is back to normal and a happy dog. The vet said it was like he was a child and we were giving him a bag of hersheys every day, it is pure junk food. What a rip! My daughter could have been seriously injured due to this crap and a good companion put to sleep! I do have some coworkers that feed their dogs Beneful and have no problems but beware of sudden behavioral problems if you switch your dog to Beneful, please.

  • Rene


    When we were new pet pawrent back in 1998, we started feeding this to our dog Jerry. Knowing zero about canine nutrition, I was taken in by the ads and seemingly healthful appearance.

    When he started having seizures I did some reading, and learned about the connection between low quality food and seizures. So I stopped feeding it to him. And guess what? The seizures stopped! Hmmm…. That’s when I got serious about canine nutrition and vowed never to give another animal this kind of garbage ever again.

    Years later when Jerry was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps this horrible, low quality food had something to do with it. I felt awful for a long time wondering how much the food I gave him contributed to his illness.

    Thank you for your wonderful reviews and unbiased honesty. I hope that others who don’t know anything about nutrition are spared the kind of guilt and blame I felt over my dog’s cancer.

    You are pawesome!