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    Hi Denis,
    I am not sure if you are still checking responses and hope Achilles is feeling better now. But, when I read your comment, the first thing I thought of too (and agree with Aimee) is wondering if it could be a perianal fistula? My neighbor’s German Shepherd has that too and I think the condition is found more commonly in the breed. She has him on a canned grain-free, hypoallergenic diet called Natural Balance fish and potato. She mixes in some pumpkin because that helps keep things moving and makes it less painful. Using probiotics really helps too. I have used this brand Power Probiotic for many years with my pups. It’s easy to use and I have no idea why but my dogs will even lick it up without food! Anyhow, hope Achilles is doing better.

    I feed my dog a raw frozen diet such as Stella and Chewys or Instinct. Raw diets can help dogs lose weight because they are lower in carbs. There is a lot less poop to pickup too!

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    So sorry your dog has kidney disease. It’s a hard diagnosis. I went through the same thing with my first dog and she never wanted to eat and had constant nausea. It’s good you are asking because dogs with kidney disease do need a special diet. Whatever you decide to do in terms of supplements and diet , be sure to check with your vet. I don’t want to give advice but from my experience with my own dog, I was told not to give a fish based diet because fish is very high in phosphorus. I had to switch from a fish and potato diet and decided to feed a homemade diet because my dog wasn’t wanting to eat. I used the supplements from this website: and my dog perked up quite a bit and lived much longer than the vet had originally thought she would. I think the site will include some free diet tips on your order. Since a lot of veterinarians do know the products, it would be good to show them to your vet (along with any diet tips) before using. Wishing you all the best.

    So sorry to hear about your husky. We have a husky who was having terrible panting at night after he ate and would throw up spit sometimes. Can’t tell you how many times we went back and forth to the vet with no answers. I started doing some searching online and found this website The company seems to know a lot about IBD and acid reflux. I was pretty skeptical but figured
    after paying for so many vet bills, I figured what do we have to lose? We ordered the Gastro ULC, Soothing Digestive Relief and Power Probiotic for our dog. To my shock, they really helped. They also helped me find a good diet for our Magic. You can give them the diet you are feeding and health issues, and they will provide free diet tips with your order.

    My rescue dog Barney was throwing up in the mornings and I took him to the vet a bunch of times. We tried the prescription diets they recommended but it didn’t help. In our case, I think it was the dry kibble causing the problem–it was a good brand Orijen, but maybe it didn’t agree with him. I was reading about acid reflux on this site and I switched him to a raw frozen diet. We ordered the Gastro ULC and Power Probiotic and followed the diet suggestion that the nutritionist gave us. Barney is eating Primal raw frozen rabbit with some Natural Balance canned fish/sweet potato. The vitamins did seem to help. He still has an occasional bad day, but nothing like before.

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    My dog was having really bad bouts of wanting to go outside and eat grass and then would throw up. It was like the minute he saw the grass, he was obsessed with it. He would smack his lips and make a weird sound a few hours after eating like he was regurgitating. We also noticed that at night sometimes, he was panting. I did some research and found this article about acid reflux in dogs. I tried the acid stomach product along with the digestive relief and it really got rid of the grass eating and stomach noises. I also started feeding smaller meals a couple times a day, like you all suggested too. Hope this helps!

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    My friend’s yorkie had PLE. She went to so many specialists and her poor dog was on so many drugs. Finally, she went on yorkietalk and a lot of the people in that group worked with the nutritionist on with good results. She gave it a try along with a few of the supplements for digestion and IBD and her yorkie seems to be feeling a lot better.

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