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    Linda J

    I know I probably won’t get a straight answer since there is no way to determine every dogs health issues.
    But, I know when I joined I listened to the video and there was a comment that people would be able to ask what your favorite dog food is.
    I guess that is my question to Mike Sagman, what food do you feed your dog?

    I know not every dog likes the same food ( as people). Just don’t want to buy a big bag of food, just to throw it out because my 3 dogs, (2 lab mix, 16 years old Sept 2014), and 1 Austrailian Shepard 8 years old) won’t eat it…..

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    OK, I’ll jump in here. You’re right, Linda, there is no straight answer. First of all, I don’t feed kibble. I think it’s too processed, too high in carbs and not species appropriate. But then I have 2 small dogs and not 3 big ones so that keeps finances more out of the decision.

    For one dog, I feed him a combo of Darwin’s raw and a few types of canned I like. Fromm, Whole Earth Farms, Nature’s Instinct and Ziwipeak are my favorites. I also add in fresh human food when available. Plain meat and cooked veggies.

    My other dog has food intolerances so he is now eating Royal Canin potato and venison canned food. If you had told me a year ago I would feed this I would have said you were crazy but it’s been a savior for him. After 3 months on this I’m slowly adding other brands of venison food to see how it works for him.

    So, it is a matter of what works best for each individual dog. You read and learn and makes some choices of good quality foods, and see what works!

    BTW, is there really a food that labs won’t eat? LOL!

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    Hi Linda J-
    Welcome to DFA. My labs’ favorite dry food is grain free Victor Joint Health. I feed other kibble now and then also, but usually end up back with this again. I mix something in with every meal, such as canned, dehydrated, raw or fresh foods. Once a week, I try to feed them a kibble free meal with the See Spot Live Longer dinner mix. I stick to mostly the budget friendly list for both kibble and canned.
    Also, most pet stores will take back a bag of food if your dogs don’t like it, or it doesn’t agree with them. Who knew that feeding your pets could be so complicated? LOL!
    What do your dogs eat now? I’m sure you will get some more opinions. Good luck!

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    I believe that since the article on rotational feeding was written by Dr Mike, he would tell you that there isn’t one food that he feeds. I don’t think he would put a food on Editor’s Choice if he didn’t feel like it was a good food. He’s the editor and it is his choice.

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    My favorites: premade raw by Vital Essentials & Darwins, The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated), for kibbles: Farmina, Annamaet, Dr Tims

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    cindy q

    The only food that my dogs will eat and lick their bowl clean is big dog natural and dogs for the earth.

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    Kristin C

    Jumping in too. I feed raw (w/ SSLL dinner mix) and Orijen kibble and Orijen freeze dried for convenience. Have tried other brands but I don’t love the ingredients or processing, and one of my dog’s seem sensitive to many of them.

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