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    Hello friends,

    Just wanted to see if anyone could recommend some good whole prey style treats for raw fed large breed dogs. I currently feed dehydrated organs, meats and some dairy but would like to try something different that might take her a little longer to chew. I don’t want to add too many calories as these would just be quick treats. I’ve been looking into dehydrated rabbit’s feet and ears for starters as she is a 60 lb dog and these seem as though to be appropriate.
    My apologies if this should have gone under the Raw Food forum, just figured it pertained to treats so I’d stick it here!

    Thanks guys.

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    Look at Hare Today, they have a good selection. There’s a flat rate shipping on non raw items. I believe Raw Feeding Miami does, too & pretty sure she has flat rate shipping.

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    Are duck feet too small? I buy a case of 100 dried feet from Barkworthies. You can also buy frozen chicken feet at ethnic grocery stores.

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    Thank you ladies, I currently order all my pup’s food from Hare Today, so yes, Hare Today is where I am looking to place a treat order from, too 🙂 I guess my question was more along the lines of snack-ability/time it takes to chew. I’ve got a bit of a dainty chewer (which is why I feed grinds and not prey model), so I was wondering if there were any good recommendations as to specific items. She’s done well with chicken and duck feet from the few times I have tried, so I think I will try those as well as some furred rabbit feet. I’ve never tried things such as trachea before. Any input on the texture/snackability of those? (apologize for my made-up lingo here lol)

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Coonhound Mama,

    I use dried tracheas for my dogs, but as an occaisonal after dinner chew. I have labs so they get the bigger trancheas. I have seen them in some pet stores cut up as “chips”. It is a good source of glucosamine.

    I’m not sure, and still researching, if it applies to dried trachea, but you have to be careful when feeding fresh or raw trachea. Apparently the thyroid tissue is somethimes still attached to the raw tracheas and some trace amounts can be found within the entire trachea. If it’s fed in rotation or on a limited quantity, it appears to be ok. If fed too often there seems to be some research regarding hyperthyroidism resulting in dogs that have been fed gullet.

    Here are a couple of links regarding the issue:



    I did look up the Hare today website and it seems the thyroid might still be attached. I’d love to hear others thoughts and experiences on this.

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    Thank you for this information! Very helpful. I’ll let you know how she does with the new goodies 🙂

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    lauri g

    i have never had any issues with feeding trachea from hare today

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    Lauri G:

    We’ve added lamb trachea to our rotation of whole prey treats- about one per week so as not to overdo (moderation for all things!) She doesn’t seem to have a problem with them so far. I’m not one for plugging links and businesses very often, but I thought I’d take the time to share this raw fed dog equivalent to the Bark Box subscription box! We’ve been getting one box a month of air dried species appropriate treats and they’re all human grade meats. Definitely worth a look if you’re interested in a variety of proteins to give as treats. Currently we’re doing lamb trachea, beef kidney, chicken feet, dehydrated pork loin and dried whole sardines 🙂


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    Bobby dog

    Hi Coonhound Mama:
    I hope you post more links to sites you found useful, I love reading new info! Keeping up with new sites or services is a good thing IMO. It’s up to the reader if they find them credible or useful. Thanks for posting. 😉

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    Zoe C

    Hi Coonhound Mama,

    Thanks for the link! What’s the texture of these treats, are they soft, or hard and crunchy like jerky, or do they vary…?

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    Hi Zoe,

    They all vary by a bit in chewiness. Some are kind of a hard crunch (lamb trachea, pig ears and chicken feet) while others are more like jerky (the fish and pork tenderloin pieces). What I like about these though is they all retain some bit of moisture and aren’t entirely dry. I keep them in the fridge so they’ll keep longer and rehydrate them to add to my raw grinds as toppers. I can’t stress enough how much better these air dried treats are than the air dried stuff you can get in bulk bins in big box stores. Amazing quality!
    Definitely recommend.

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