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    Kerrin S


    I’m new to any sort of forum, and I’m the owner or a 2 year old adopted chihuahua. I currently feed my dog Taste of the Wild, but was researching for food with possible intentions of either making my own or buying freeze dried. In any event, I noticed Orijen Adult formula made in Canada has been a HUGELY popular and loved dog food, and I was so excited to try to switch my dog food to until I noticed so many unhappy dogs and customers now that it is made in Kentucky.

    What will people switch to now since the manufacture is now in USA? Is there anything comparable or just as good as the original formula? And does anyone have any suggestions, especially for my Chihuahua?

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    You might check out Petcurean brands such as “Go! Fit and Free” and “Now Fresh”, Horizon Legacy, or Nutrience Sub Zero. Horizon also makes Amicus which is for small breeds. The kibble is tiny.

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    Why is it a problem that it is made in KY? Thank you.

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    Kerrin S

    Thank you pugmomsandy, I’ll check those out.

    Suzanne – from what I’ve been reading about Orijen made in Canada vs KY, it seems as though the quality of the ingredients has changed for the worse and many people are switching because their dogs won’t even eat it. There is a discussion about it listed in the ‘dog food ingredients’ section. You may want to read what some others have been saying.

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    Well, that’s disappointing. I used to love them. I’ll check out the thread.

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    Hi Kerrin, your best to make a balance raw diet or buy the pre-made raw diets or cook.
    I feed my dog a cooked meal (Dinner) & rotate between “Taste Of The Wild” “Holistic Select Adult/Puppy” Fish grain free & Canidae Life Stages the Canidae Pure grain free gave Patch his pain, it may have been the Chickpeas & higher protein % but Canidae Pure formulas would be excellent for healthy dogs, the Canidae Life Stages has the big 44lb (20kg) bags at a very good price…Canidae uses human grade ingredients, kibble size is nice & small for dogs that gulp & don’t chew, easier to digest…

    My Patch just turned 8 yrs old, he has no joint pain that I can see, body & coat looks excellent, the only problem is he has IBD mainly his stomach, to look at him you wouldn’t know he has IBD & is ill some days…..I put Patch down to being so healthy & getting better from cooked meals, fresh foods, peeled apple pieces as treats, Almonds as treats, broccoli, kale, egg, spinach parsley all cut up & mixed with lean pork mince or extra lean beef mince & made into 1 cup size rissoles & baked in the oven, sweet potato boiled & added to rissoles as well after cooked, I cant think what else I feed him, I feed what ever I’m eating & I rotate between kibbles, changing the proteins mainly feed Fish & Lamb kibbles, I stay away from chicken if I can, chicken is very high in omega 6 & low in Omega 3…
    Omega 6 is pro anti-inflammatory & Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory & as we know chickens are pumped with hormones to grow quickly.

    A balanced raw or cooked diet is the best to feed a cat or dog, kibble is just easy for us… have a look at Ziwi Peak Air Dried, Canidae Pure or Life Stages, Victor Super Premium or Sport Dog Elite, the Sport Dog Elite is similar to the Victor but cheaper, the Sport Dog Elite link I have isn’t working but it shows the Sport Dog Elite formulas & compares them to the Victors formulas….

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