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    We recently rescued a 4 year old Toy Poodle. We tried feeding her Toy Breed Blue Buffalo and Grain-Free Blue Buffalo Small Breed. She does not seem to like either one. She has also been scratching all over. The foster parent said that she was on this food previously which is why we tried it. Any suggestions on what would be good for her?

    Thank you 🙂

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    My poodle with allergies receives immunotherapy and does well on Nutrisca dry (fish) as a base combined with a homemade diet (see the link I provided in the Homemade Dog Food thread). She gets a fish oil capsule daily, too.
    Her allergies are environmental (as most are) but she does have a sensitive stomach.
    Often food sensitivities are referred to as allergies when they are not.
    Allergies often show up around this age and tend to get worse with age.
    I found helpful information here. http://www.allergydogcentral.com/

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    Riley and Molly. If she is your only dog then there is no reason why you could not afford to feed her a good quality commercial raw diet. I have a Maltese, a Maltipoo and a Yorkipoo. They have all been on a rotation of commercial raw diets for the past three years and all are doing phenomenally well. A toy or small breed dog does not need a different diet or food than a regular dog other than a large breed dog puppy that needs less calcium in its growing years.

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    Scratching all over may be a food hypersensitivity, so look at the ingredient lists for the foods you have fed her and see if you can determine what ingredients they have in common and then look for a food that does not have any of those ingredients.

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