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    I am thinking of putting my yorkie on a premix and adding the cooked meat. He’s having reflux problems. I’m looking for low fat low calories. Should I try THK, grand ma lucys dr. Harveys ? Any suggestions and which premix from these because they have more than one. Thanks

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    Hi Weezer-
    I was using the See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix up until about a month ago when I ran out and they quit making it for now. My dogs loved it and did great with it. So, then I tried The Honest Kitchen’s Kindly formula and it was a big flop with one of my dogs. My chubby dog was happy to eat his brother’s meal that wasn’t eaten though. It kind of smelled like a seasoning packet to me. I think he just wants his meat and potatoes! Also, most of the dehydrated veggies were not digested well by the dog that ate it and what little the other one ate either. My dogs do have some digestive issues, however, so may not happen with yours. So, now I’m looking for something else as well. Probably something with less ingredients. I know a lot of people (and dogs) love it, but it wasn’t for us! Sorry, that probably wasn’t very helpful, but maybe will help get more suggestions for you!

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    Grandma Lucy’s… They make a potato base and a chickpea base that THC doesn’t.

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