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    Hi, I’m an hour away from Petco & Petsmart. My son went shopping and asked what dog food to get at Petco. I said Wellness Core fish.
    I get the bag and the kibble feel huge! I have small older dogs – and I just can’t see them struggling to eat that. I emailed Wellness asking about the size…and they start off saying they use no artificial colors or stabilizers – batches look different in color and size from time to time.- and they want me to call them with where I bought the bag size and so on.
    I just want to know the SIZE of kibble. LOL

    I know they have small breed size in turkey ( wellness)…but they just finished turkey in Eartborn and now eating Merrick in Buffalo flavor.
    I just hate to open the bag- if I know I may not use it.
    Do I just return it for small breed or just add water and broth to moisten it. Is it a good idea to add liquid to it? I don’t see them eating this food dry. Thanks

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    If it were me, I’d return it for the small breed Core. When I started feeding Core, some years ago, they didn’t have to small breed formula….sure wish they had because the regular Core kibble size is huge, I agree! I haven’t fed any Core for awhile now, but if I did it’d be the small breed. Btw, my dogs love Merrick!

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    It’s been over a year since I’ve used Core but the Core Ocean was smaller than the original and low fat Core. Was triangular and not flat. The small pugs had no problems eating it.

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    Hi, Mom2Cavs & Pugmomsandy. Thanks for your replies! It’s the ocean and I could tell they were triangular and just huge pieces of kibble. I’ve never fed Wellness before – so had no idea on size of kibble they had.
    I’m going to exchange bag for the small breed. Mine range from 5-11 lbs.
    Mine also love Merrick and the Earthborn…which the kibble is even smaller than the Merrick.

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    Amicus and Epigen are tiny also.

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    Thanks! I’ll look into those.

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