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    Hav mom

    I just read an email from Chewys’ advertising the new product: Tylee Human Grade Food for dogs. I went to the site and read the packages for contents,etc. But, could not find the manufacturer of the food. Any one know anything about this food. Looks like excellent food, but??? My pet eats THK for 3 years now, excellent, but thought I’d faze in something else for a change. (Don’t know if that is the right thing to do, just concerned its time for a change, although I feed different flavors, dinner and b’fast of THK. Some discussions said
    you should not continually give your dog the same food for years..???I would like some
    input on this if anyone has some information.)BY the way, he is in excellent health.

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    Kristi N

    Hi, I had a very similar question as well! I contacted Chewy and it is their own branded food but I forgot to ask where they manufacture but I would guess somewhere in the south/FL where they’re based. It looks quite healthy and I am considering it for my two dogs.
    My dogs rotate between THK revel and raw from Stella & Chewy’s or Primal throughout the year and they do quite well for it. I’ve read a few articles on how rotating diets allows for better nutrient variety and I find it to be a nice way to be more cost effective. DFA has a helpful guide in the FAQ (/frequently-asked-questions/diet-rotation-for-dogs/). Hope that helps!

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    Angie M

    I’m curious too. It looks good and I’ve been home cooking off and on for my 15 year old schnoodle, she seems to tire of her choices.
    I’d love to know more when info is available.

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    Stacie D

    I just started my Yorkie on it. Not only is she the pickiest eater ever, she has severe allergies. She loves it & so far, no reactions. It looks like human food and I put it in a Tupperware – my son almost ate it, thinking it was picadillo.

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    Angelica C

    Tylee’s is manufactured in TX. I’m feeding it as a supplemental food for my Husky and Beagle Lab Mix. They absolutely devour it. Plus there’s a BOGO on your first purchase right now if you enter coupon code TYLEES at checkout.

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    Heidi B

    I have also added Tylees into the food rotation for my dogs. Although I find it too ‘powdery’ if I thaw it first, it is doing very well and i think it is even better received than the Instinct Raw. I would love to see it added to this websites reviews.

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    Rita O

    Switching between dog foods, not just different flavors but different makers, is a good way to ensure balanced nutrition. Apparently each brand of dog food tends to use their own propietary vitamin and mineral mix in all flavors of their food, so you are getting the same vitamin\mineral mix with the same amounts in all that brands foods. I’ve been feeding canned, and since my dog, a small terrier mix, gets her canned divided into 5 meals. I switch after one or two cans to another brand. This is contrary to what most vets recommend, but from what I read, switching brands gives a better balance and may help to prevent food allergies.

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    Amanda C

    I’m guessing this food needs to stay in the freezer. About how long does it take to thaw it? I’m pretty intrigued by it, but before I give it to Yoshi, I want to make sure I know what I’m doing first. He’s a Lhasa Bichon mix, and he’s used to getting kibble with some wet food on top. I typically rotate between Evanger’s, Fromm, and Pioneer Naturals, but the latter is getting harder and harder to find, so I’d like to try something else. He is an extremely picky eater… guess he takes after me. lol

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    Susan J

    I am wondering about this food as well. Does it meet AAFCO standards? Not sure about the exact sources of ingredients. I think the site said USDA beef, etc.,–but does that mean meat which has come in from another country but USDA inspected? Nothing from China for me even if they say they evaluate ingredients from that country. I wouldn’t eat it and don’t expect my dog to either.

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    Fiona S

    I have recently tried Tylee’s Turkey Frozen Dog Food. I like it and I like the company but there are a few things to consider about it.
    1. It arrived quickly and VERY well packed, product was as frizen as if ut just came out a deep freezer.
    2. My dog likes it and actually ate all the fruits and veggies from it which he never does.
    3. It does say it meets AAFCO standards for all stages of life
    4. Calculating on a dry matter analysis the fat content is about 38% which is double the fat of most other commercial dog foods. I would be extremely cautious about feeding this exclusively due to the potential for pancreatits.
    5. It may be just as well that the fat content is too high to feed exclusively as it is EXPENSIVE! The 96oz bag equates to 12 cups of thawed food, that is almost $3 a cup and my dog (80lbs) would need almost 5 cups a day.

    I absolutely appreciate what Chewy are trying to do to improve healthier options to kibble. I like that you can easily contact a fairly well informed human at the company. I called and mentioned my concern about tue fat content and asked if they could consider a low fat option.

    I love that they do a turkey and a pork option as my dog cannot eat chicken or beef.

    My dog is raw fed but he seems to get bored and this was one way to get him to eat a few antioxidants. I defrost a cup or so in the microwave at 50% for 2 minutes .. the bag has a ziploc seal, it is very convenient to store and use.

    I am happy to add one cup a day to his raw diet .

    Overall I would applaud chewy for bringing this out, I am hoping they will do a reduced fat version. Oh and they just launched a Tylee’s jerky treat. It’s reasonably priced with nothing other than the meat .. and it comes in turkey and pork which is great for all the chicken and beef sensitive dogs out there. Have ordered it and am waiting for it to arrive. Hope this info helps 🙂

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    Cameron B

    Thanks @Fiona S for calling that out. I am just starting to learn about alternatives to dry food.
    I have been feeding my 40lbs Aussie Tylee’s for about 3 weeks now, and she loves it, but I didn’t even think to look at the fat content.

    And the costs are high…at 3 cups a day it costs me $120/month for Tylee’s
    96 ounces = 12 cups. 3 cups a day only provides me with a week supply so at $30/week adds up.

    So I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do…may try out Darwin’s but that costs a little more than I was wanting to pay.

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    Cameron B


    What’s the calculation for the fat content? How did you come up with the 38%…I called Tylee’s and they didn’t know how to get it either. Thanks for sharing!

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    Susan J

    There’s a formula to figure dry matter fat content. It’s here on dogfoodadvisor.com Or you can use this online calculator, aimed at cats, but I assume it would be the same for any pet food.


    I figured the Tylee chicken at about 34% fat. Maybe this isn’t a fair comparison, but the bag of Canidae dry I just bought is 13% fat using the dry matter calculation. I top kibble with a couple tablespoons homemade chicken or whatever I cook for the pup to increase palatability. The Tylee could be used in the same way, limiting fat but making for a tasty meal when topping kibble. Or maybe that amount of fat is appropriate for working dogs.

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    Christy W

    I haven’t purchased Tylee’s, but am intrigued. (Good info on the fat content–thanks). When I made my own raw, and when I’ve purchased it locally, the veggies are always pureed to make them more digestible (dogs getting the nutritional goodness). I can see the veggies in the Tylee, (at least in the photos), so they are not pureed. Does that make them basically for looks only? Thanks.

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    Susan J

    You can tell when you pick up after your dog, how well digested the vegetables are.

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    I give my dogs raw carrots (or 1/2 of one) as a snack, maybe once a day. Orange carrot chunks are observed in the feces, they don’t digest them.
    That’s just how it is, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good fiber source, but, not too much, as that could result in loose stools.

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    I was checking them out as well. I currently feed my dog evermore pet food. He loves it and they are a very great company. I may try tylees, I just don’t see the need right now.

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    Fiona S

    @Cameron B .. yes I converted the as fed analysis to Dry Matter Basis .. which takes the water content out of the various types of foods which lets you compare them side by side.
    As noted by someone else the fruits and vegetables do not appear to have been cooked and in reading books it does say that dogs can’t easily break down the cell walls of plants. I am happy for it just to pass through as fiber but I don’t tend to see any chunks in his poop although he only gets one cup of this along with close to 2lbs of raw meat and bones
    The first bag I opened sealed up just fine with the ziploc, the second one ripped on opening which wasn’t as great. Small issue but figured I’d mention it.
    I did call to ask Chewy aboiut the fat content and was told someone would contact me but so far they haven’t.
    From what I can see you can still buy one get one free of this food which definitely makes it more affordable, and that was my second purchase of it.

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    terry g

    Please review this food,tylees.

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    Karen M

    I have been feeding my Peagle (pekingese/beagle) Tylee’s for a little over 2 months now. I transitioned him as recommended by the manufacturer. Otis absolutely loves it! He’s always loved steamed veggies and loves all the fruits that are in the Tylee recipes. He seems full and satisfied after he has eaten which is great because the beagle part in him seemed to be a bottomless pit and was always hungry and never gaining much weight. NOW, on Tylee’s, he’s happy to eat his meal and never passing his bowl to see what else is there. His skin and coat look amazing and shiny! He plays hard and sleeps well.

    The cost is a little on the high side but for now, Chewy.com offers a BOGO. That’s a pretty good value! But, if you consider that people spend a lot of money on pet food, searching for that PERFECT food for their fur babies, I consider Tylee my pet’s PERFECT food. Personally, I give it a big thumbs up! Actually, if Otis could talk, he’d give it a 2 paws up!

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    Amy M

    My dogs (Pugs and 2 all American large dog mixes) LOVE this. I add it to N&D hard puppy food for the pups and Fromm hard food for the others. My finicky pugs will never eat the veggie and fruit toppings I tried to add before but they gobble this up. It is always in perfect frozen condition when it arrives. I heat it up on stove in skillet with a bit of water to add liquid to dog’s food but they will even eat it frozen.

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