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    Carrie H

    My dod
    My dog is now on a raw diet. Which treats or bones are compatible with this? Thanks

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    Raw meaty bones, freeze dried treats. You can also find recipes you can make yourself or just dehydrate meat yourself into strips.

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    Depending on the size of your dog, if you feed muscle meat, you can use raw meaty bones as their treat in appropriate amounts. There are also products like roasted tendons, tripe, gullet, feet and pizzles that can be fed. I often use the “bite size” freeze dried foods as treats or cheese. I have small dogs so the treat expense isn’t too much.

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    Katherine J

    It’s icky but I saw stuffed cowhooves with green tripe, plain hooves, raw whole tracheas and a training treat called K9Magic.

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    McLovins P

    You could freeze dry raw meat, but that requires expensive equipment and a lot of energy to freeze dry food. You also run the risk that, even with freeze dried food, it is technically not cooked, so when you handle it, the moisture on your fingers may be activating the bacteria and enzymes on the meat, returning you to the position where you must be cautious about what you touch.

    You can visit this website at https://www.mclovinspet.com to know more about the products.

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    Felix R

    I am very glad to see this post about dog food. Though I am looking for the food that can freeze after making it edible for the puppy. I saw Full Moon Pet which is giving a variety of pet food and other pet products at good prices at Full Moon Pet discount codes.

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