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    Just wondering if anyone has tried Trader Joe’s canned dog food. I was there the other day and they have a huge 22 oz can for about $1.19. Not sure if this is a great bargain or junk. It is not rated on this site. The first few ingredients are lamb broth, lamb, chicken, and textured soy protein product. I’m not so sure about the protein product? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this food? I already use the Kirkland cuts and gravy. Which so far has been great. Looking for another wet food to add to my pups kibble also. Thank you!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I wouldn’t advise feeding anything with soy. Do you have a Tractor Supply near you? 4Health’s canned food is $0.99 per can. No corn, wheat, soy or by-products. There are quite a few varieties too – they have loaf-style grain inclusive in salmon, chicken & rice and lamb & rice and grain-free stew-style in turkey, chicken and beef.

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    Ok, you confirmed what I was worried about. No, no Tractor Supply stores in Washington state. I’ve looked it up because I’ve seen them mentioned several times on this site. Sounds like we are missing out. 🙂 Once again, thanks for your advise. You are very helpful without being judgemental!

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    JC P

    I have 1 golden, 1 terrier, 1mix beagle/lab.
    Feed them dry Natural Balance + some Trafer Joe’s red can next to the dry.
    They seem to like some batches of TJ and dislike others.
    This weeks batch is completely rejected by all 3 dogs.
    They must be detecting something

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