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    I keep going back and forth on this.

    I prefer to heat up my dog’s raw food since it is freezing in the morning. I live in Boston and it is cold. Really in the wild when dogs ate wild animals I am pretty sure their prey’s blood and meat were not “refrigerator cold” ha

    Normally 30 seconds in the Microwave. Now some raw feeders are against it because it kills nutrients. But when i read some of the science it contradicts this.

    So what do you advise? I guess I can give it to him cold…never tried it but just feel bad for him giving cold food all the time.

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    Hey there,

    While I don’t microwave raw food, I totally feel your pain on this because I’m from the arctic, barren wasteland that is MAINE haha. Mine won’t eat the really cold food easily either, so I put it on the counter for a half hour or so to keep it a little lower than room temperature but not as cold as the fridge- although our house can be pretty darn cold this time of year too. I know many will not advise this due to bacterial contamination, but keeping the food contained to a clean metal bowl is a good move. I have to admit that I do not use microwaves for my own foods, so I wouldn’t use it for my dog either but that is just a personal preference. I would say bring it up to room temperature as best you can to see if you can omit popping it in the microwave at all. Good luck fellow New Englander!

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    Hi ed p,

    I also like to warm up foods before serving and use the bain marie method. I either put very hot water from tap in a shallow pan, or heat up water in a pot (not even close to boiling), and put in a shallow pan….then add bowl with food (stainless steel, never plastic due to leaching) to that pan and let sit for a few minutes, stirring a few times so top pieces get warmed too.

    You can even purchase a bain marie pot.

    I avoid the microwave.

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    Hi ed p-
    I mix frozen raw nuggets in my dogs’ afternoon meals. I usually forget to thaw them. Sometimes I soak them in warm water for a bit, BUT…I most often put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds to take the chill off. Lol!
    I give you permission to use it too. 😉

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    I’m in NH. Mine eat ground raw & I add a splash of hot water to their food.

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    Sky B

    My dog loves her raw food cold. Sometimes if I forget to thaw sooner, she’ll eat it halfway frozen 🙂 All dogs are different thats for sure. I know its best to avoid the microwave though. If you haven’t had any problems so far, maybe its fine 🙂

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    Lee M

    Just got off the phone with Freshpet ( Dog Food company ) and they said not to microwave due to the minerals and vitamins being nuked is not a good idea.

    So while people love to give advise it’s not always a good idea to get any kind of important information off even good trusted professional forum’s like this.

    Bummer, but my dog comes first over me saving a few minutes time having to warm refrigerated food up for her.

    Stirring food occasionally in Stainless steel bowl in hot water for 10 minutes does the trick.

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