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    Cindy S

    Any recommendations on a cheaper food that’s still good? Was looking at natures recipe, Rachael Ray nutritional and pure balance. I currently feed instinct by natures variety and have 4 years but so dang expensive.

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    Teri B

    I feed Natures Recipe Salmon, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin grainfree and have been happy with it until I bought a bag last week. I dont know what made me look at the ingredients list but for the first time it says chicken meal as the second ingredient. Garbanzo beans are now listed 6th. I chose this food because I needed one with no chicken. How long have I missed this added ingredient?

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    Maxima K

    My vet recommended Purina pro plan after I had the same realization with blue Buffalo. My pup loves it and his coat looks noticeably better since switching.
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    My dogs have been doing great on Purina One dry and wet food. It’s a little bit less expensive than most of the recommended foods. Any of the grocery store foods made by Purina might be a little less as well.
    However, all pet food seems to be shooting up in price. It’s very frustrating to those of us who have multiple pets or on a shrinking income!

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    Wilson H

    I’ve been delighted with Nature’s Recipe Salmon, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin grain-free until I purchased a bag last week. I’m not sure why I decided to check the ingredients list, but for the first time I saw that chicken meal was listed as the second item. The sixth item on the list is garbanzo beans. I wanted a meal without chicken, so I went with this one. How long have I been ignoring this new component?

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