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    I came home from work the other day and my 7yo boxer beagle had what looked like lumpy fur. Later it spread and both of his sides were covered in it. I didn’t recognize it as “bumps” until then because his fur just looked weird like he got into something. I assumed it was some sort of allergic reaction and took him to the after hours vet. He responded to the Benadryl and they sent him home. They said there’s no way to know what it was from.

    No new food or treats. No new chemicals or detergents in the house. It’s winter here and the ground was frozen solid, and he’s outside in our grass and woods several times a day every day of his life! So I’m having a tough time just writing this whole thing off and not worrying about it.

    Any ideas what may have caused this would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I break out in hives over stress sometimes haha. It could really be anything. As I’ve gotten older the last few years I’ve even developed allergies to things I’ve been exposed to all my life. If they come back then you’ll know it’s something he’s still being exposed to and you can figure what to do then. But hopefully it’ll just be a one time reaction.

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    Do you have poison ivy in your woods? . Because some dogs are sensitive to it just like people.

    If it happens again or turns into something chronic a veterinary dermatologist would be the best person to diagnose it.

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    Patricia A

    Just curious if being Holiday time you have anything in your home such as a Christmas tree, Poinsettia plant etc that you wouldn’t have other times of year? Dogs just as people can develop a allergy to something they never had before. Ditto what anonymous said about poison ivy/sumac in wooded areas.

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