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    Carina M

    My dachshund husky mix will be five this October and I’m wondering if I should start giving her any supplements as a preventative measure for any specific health issues she may experience in her later years, either due to her breed backgrounds or just due to age. She is not short like a doxie so I’m thinking back problems shouldn’t be an issue. Any advice?

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    Five is young. As far as supplements go, most of them are a scam and a waste of money.
    You may be better off saving your money for other age related issues that come up.

    Fish oil is the only one I use for just general issues…

    PS: Don’t underestimate genetic back concerns….use doggie steps if need be and don’t allow the dog to jump in and out of high places, like the car.
    I just went through this with a poodle mix that has a long (dachshund like) back. She does not have short legs.


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    Hi, what does your dog eat?? make sure she eats a well balanced diet, fresh whole foods, if your on face Book follow “Rodney Habib”, he’s a Pet Nutrition Blogger & has a post at the moment.. Research shows, that dogs on a diet of dry commercial pet food if you added leafy green vegetables at least 3 times a week were 90 percent less likely to develop cancer than dogs that weren’t….And dogs that were fed yellow/orange vegetable at least three times a week were 70 percent less likely to develop cancer… also exercise, make sure she gets exercise & isn’t over weight & no stress….

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    Fish oil and a multi strain probiotic is a good start.

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    Carina M

    Thank you for the suggestions. Right now she eats Honest Kitchen Kindly base mix with chicken mixed in and occasionally sockeye salmon. I will start adding some fresh veggies and fish oil and look into homemade food at least some of the time. I’d also like to incorporate turmeric. And I’ll be more careful with her jumping; I’m not sure why I was thinking of her leg length as opposed to back length.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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