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    Jenn H

    I have an almost 7 month GSD puppy. He’s already in the mid 60s in weight.
    Until he was 6 months old he had been getting Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy. It was a very good food. And I chose it because it was the best food with the least amount of calcium that was available at big box stores making it easy for my husband could pick it up when I needed him to.
    (The other Wellness large breed puppy/all life stages foods have more calcium than the aforementioned.)
    I like to rotate my dog’s foods every few months and had a hard time looking for food that met the same criteria and hopefully wasn’t grain free. (I prefer they not be limited to ingredients unless there’s a medical need.)
    After much searching & contacting of companies (since they love to only list the min amt of calcium in the GA) I settled on Solid Gold Wolf Cub.
    I highly recommend it! Gronk is finally satisfied after meals and I have to feed him half as much. (I actually feed 1/4-1/2 cup less than recommended to allow aome wiggle room for other things.) I thought for sure that would piss him off. I’m saving a bundle too!!!!
    The other thing that happened often with his previous food was intermittent diarrhea. Even though the dogs get pumpkin every morning he still had soft/mushy/watery stools once in a while. Hasn’t happened once since the switch!
    I’m definitely keeping this puppy food in the rotation. Hope to have the same results with the adult formulas.
    Anyone obsessively looking for a good food for their large breed pup and can’t spend a fortune may want to check out Solid Gold Wolf Cub.
    The company itself was also very quick & helpful in response to my questions. To me that’s a huge plus.

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    Does Diamond manufacture that formula? I know they still manufacture some formulas for Solid Gold.

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    Jenn H

    I just learned that today. Am about to find out. Will let you know.
    (Cross your fingers they don’t. But they seem to have a part in everything.)

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    Jenn H

    I heard from Solid Gold yesterday. They were so prompt and forthcoming in their answers. That’s huge to me.
    Before I share where everything is made, I think it’s important to let you know that they test samples from every batch prior to distribution. The tests are done by an independent third party.
    I just asked how long they have had this practice in place.
    When Diamond has had recalls I discovered Solid Gold has also voluntarily recalled their foods despite testing negative for salmonella. Again I think that’s huge. They are willing to err on the side of caution even though it’s monetarily costly.
    I cannot believe how much research I have to do these days go avoid feeding my dogs something that may harm them.
    Onto the answers…
    Solid Gold Manufacturers:
    dry dog food distributed from Diamond in Missouri
    -Wolf King
    -Wolf Cub
    -Wee Bits
    -Buck Wild
    -Lil Boss
    -Star Chased
    -Sunday Sunrise
    **all other dry dog foods and their dry cat foods are distributed from Crosswind in Kansas**
    all canned foods are distributed by Simmons in NJ
    treats from Mountain Country in OK
    treats from Mountain County in Utah
    -all jerky treats
    ****I think it’s important to mention that most of the recalls were from the South Carolina plant.****
    I am awaiting a reply as to when they began implementing their independent testing and where the supplements are manufactured/distributed.

    I am as convinced as I can be that Solid Gold is proactive in preventing illness from their foods. I’d feel loads better if they stopped using Diamond all together.

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    Jenn H

    I heard back from Solid Gold again today. They have been nothing less than forthcoming as far as I can tell.
    After the 2012 recall they began implementing the “Positive Release” program. Which means they have an independent third party test a sample from every single batch and await for negative results before distribution.

    I feel good about adding this to the rotation. Especially for the puppy. It’s almost impossible to find a large breed puppy food that doesn’t go over 1.5% calcium.

    As for their supplements…they come from a company in CA that specializes in supplements. I haven’t really put a lot of effort into finding all the details on this side of the business because I don’t use a lot of their supplements and those aren’t usually recalled.

    Hope this helps anyone considering Solid Gold.

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    I like a lot of Solid Gold products. One of my holistic vets has been carrying it in her office for years.

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    Jenn H

    DogFoodie good to know. Pitlove had me a little scared when she told me Diamond makes their food. Here I thought I finally found a great food w/ low calcium that Diamond didn’t have their grubby hands in.
    After communicating with them I feel pretty confident in my decision again.
    I’d still like to find another food for rotating in a few months, but it’s daunting looking for something w/ less than 1.5% calcium. Even large breed puppy foods have too much which blows my mind. Shouldn’t they know that’s too much?

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