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    Hi all. I’m new to the forum, but have been reading this site and recommending it to others from quite some time. (Thanks Dr. Mike!)

    I’m wondering if any of you have suggestions on how to slow down fast eaters, while still feeding a raw diet. At the moment, I’m using a large stainless steel ball in their bowls, but it doesn’t slow them much. I’ve seen the bowls with sections, but they’re plastic, and I prefer stainless steel and have elevated feeders. Also, a lot of the products I’ve seen are fine for kibble, but wouldn’t work for raw. (I had used tennis balls when I fed kibble, but that’s not an option anymore.)


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    Can you use a couple stainless steel balls (or a couple soup cans) instead of just one? Have you tried using a muffin tin?

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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately muffin tins won’t fit in the feeders. I saw that others have used cans, but I wasn’t sure about cleaning those. I clean their bowls every day with the raw food being in there. I’m starting to think buying more stainless steel balls online might be the way to go. The last ball I had was ceramic because the stainless weren’t carried anymore in local stores, but the ceramic one broke this weekend when it slipped out of my soapy hands into the sink!

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    Do you feed grinds? Or do you need to slow them down on RMBs? Law of Raw fastens his RMBs to an old metal pipe from an old vacuum.

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    I feed them commercial raw food. (I guess those are grinds?) Sometimes they get raw bones from the butcher, and those they don’t wolf down, but instead chew on happily in the backyard. 😉

    I decided to buy more stainless steel balls from an online merchant and put two in the bowls of the faster eaters, and one large one in the bowl of the one who doesn’t inhale her food.


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