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    Paula C

    I recently adopted a 10 1/2 year old senior shih-tzu and after 3 weeks she stopped eating. She lost 2 of her 14#.
    She became severely dehydrated, requiring hospitalization. Her liver panel numbers were more than doubled — except ALT (not to be over 240) came in at 4300. Medication for her liver helped slightly but not too well for her appetite. She’s had 5 additional blood panels run and her 4300 went down to 3700, then 2400, then 2000, then 800, and now at 329. We are headed in the right direction — WITH the EXCEPTION of her eating. I have tried premium dog foods, dry and wet — home cook a recipe the vet gave me — none of these have any appeal for her. I finally gave her Cesar tubs which she will occasionally eat. I found Shep tubs (turkey) at Aldi’s and she LOVES it — I found Shep dry food rating online which was extremely poor — but I can’t find any nutritional information online for the wet dog food. Can you help me? I’ve had her for 2 months and my vet bills are out of sight. This little sweetheart needs any helpful information you can provide. I should also mention that between her 3rd to 5 week, she would go into “trances” and was totally out of touch. She would stand stock still and stare at the wall for 10-15 minutes at a time, not responding to me at all. Thankfully, that has subsided.

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