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    Jonathan H

    My dog is shedding like crazy… I’m not sure how she still has hair but she doesn’t show any signs of balding or skin irritation.

    I’ve switched her to partial raw, made by a local butcher who sources only grass fed and locally raised animals in the tristate area, as well as added some additional fish oil to help with her dandruff. The dandruff is gone now but the shedding remains.

    We brush her once per week with a furminator and I use dog baths wipes to help keep her clean between actually baths which I don’t like to do more than once a month.

    Has anyone seen Euk causing the shedding? I’ve been thinking about changing her food but the breeder / trainer we purchased her from said he has always fed this with no issues.

    Thanks for the feedback

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    I recently had the same issue with my older lab mix. It was to the point where I would run my hand down her back and come up with literally a handful of hair. And I could do it over and over and get the same results. Having a collar on just for a walk would also result in a bald ring around her neck. I finally took her to the vet thinking maybe it was a thyroid problem, and it turns out it was only seasonal allergies. Thankfully he didn’t charge me to tell me that! He prescribed prednisone, which I filled just in case but never picked up. She doesn’t do well on it, so I didn’t want to give unless she continued to get worse. I upped her fish oil from one pill a day to two pills a day, and it cleared up on its own in a week or so. I would take your girl to the vet just to be sure its nothing serious, and go from there.

    That said, Eukanuba isn’t the greatest of foods, and I can assure you there is much better for the same price, and even less. Its also made by the same company that makes your candy bars (Mars), and before that, a chemical and “etc” company (P&G). I use a lot of Wellness, all varieties, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve also used NutriSource Super Performance and certain Nutro Natural Choice formulas in the past and was happy with both of them. Breeders an interesting lot. They tend to use foods that have a lasting reputation, rather than foods that are actually healthful. Don’t let him force you into feeding a something you’re unsure of.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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