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    Ryan L

    We have a 1 year and 3 month year old female Maltese Yorkshire Yorkshire Terrier Mix named Lennon. She is the light of our life, very smart and playful but has had a delicate tummy from day one. The breeder we got her from was feeding her Purina’s and we switched her quickly to Fromm Gold Holistic Puppy Dry Dog Food. She did well with that but eventually got disinterested and was not eating often enough so we tried most of the flavors such as the Surf & Turf, Lamb & Lentils etc. Between the switching she would often get diarrhea but no idea if it was from her food or not. We did practice switching her food gradually instead of just introducing a brand new food right away. Every so often she would get a bout of diarrhea and we would feed her chicken and rice with a little low sodium chicken broth to soothe her tummy. She has never had a problem when we make her chicken and rice but we are hoping we don’t have to feed her that every day.

    About 2 weeks ago she got real sick and was throwing up, eating grass, waking up in the middle night with bad diarrhea and we took her to the vet. They suggested we switch her food again so this time around we went with Prarie Gold Adult Grain-Free: http://frommfamily.com/products/gold/dog/dry/#prairie-gold-adult. She has been on this for about a week and her poops are very soft often diarrhea so we are back to square 1… Sigh.

    We are recent members on this site and still a bit overwhelmed with the choices if we go with a different brand a ll together. We have a Chuck and Don’s by our house and they mentioned Zignature but did not see that one included in the editors best of. I should also note we did try Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Dry but took it back after a day once we learned it was bought out by Purina. Our Lennon is very small (5 pounds)1 year and 3 month year old Morkie with a sensitive tummy and often picky. I am thinking about taking back her current Prairie Gold Adult Grain-Free (we got this because we thought the grain free limited ingredient might help) and starting over with a different brand. If anyone has any suggestions for a dry non raw food we would love to hear it!
    Ryan & Anna Luse

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    Since you are a member here, take a look at the Editors Choice foods (click the “member login” link up above in the red line).
    Dogs sometimes have diarrhea, it doesn’t always mean something is wrong. I have read that NutriSource is good for dogs with sensitive tummies. Regarding your dog being picky, in some cases, not all, the owners make dogs picky. Practice “tough Love”. Once she is transitioned to a food, leave it down for 15 minutes. Pick up what she doesn’t eat & she gets nothing else til the next meal.

    Good luck!

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    NutriSource is an excellent food for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. They only make a small breed formula in grain free. I’d suggest trying the Adult formula, since brown rice might be easier for her to digest


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    Ryan L-

    Did the vet run any tests on your dog, such as, fecal or blood tests? Is there anything in the yard or house that she could be getting to? Here is a link that was very helpful to me when I was having similar issues: http://www.dogaware.com/health/digestive.html

    It turns out mine had giardia and coccidia. After several treatments to rid of the parasites, they were left with sensitive systems also. They do well on Victor and Whole Earth Farms brands. And yes, WEF is made by Merrick which was bought out by Purina. But, I will continue to feed it as long as my dogs continue to do well on it.

    Good luck! Please write back and report on your progress.

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    Ryan L

    Thanks for the replies and tips! Lennon has her annual vet appointment coming up so will look into some tests. We will look into the NutriSource, thanks again!

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    In the meantime, before the blood and fecal test, have Lennon go thru a small bag of ZiwiPeak air dehydrated. Cures everything until you know more. Expensive but worth it and your pup is so tiny. Plus stick to grain free. Chewy.com has the best prices and fast free delivery.

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    The episode u dog was having with the eating grass sounds like my little yorkie. My vet checked her and did blood work and his lipase was high so we had to go with lower fat.

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