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    Jillian D

    I need some help in finding a sensitive skin and stomach dog food.
    My 7 year old German Shepherd has been on the Purina Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach food for about 3 years. It is absolutely perfect for him, his coat is beautiful and he no longer throws up his food. He seems to be sensitive to products with chicken by products.
    I recently adopted a pit bull and was told she could only eat Fromm’s food due to her sensitive skin and stomach. She seems fine since switching, no vomiting or diarrhea. However, she has a ridiculous amount of gas. She also has broken out in hives a few times (not sure if that is related to the food, as it doesn’t happen every time she eats)

    Point is, I need advice on other sensitive skin and stomach foods that could work for both of them. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you. :]

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    Hi Jillian,

    Hives are definitely not to be taken lightly. They are a sign of a potentially life threatening reaction that could worsen with subsequent exposures.

    Are you saying that the pit bull was eating the Pro Plan when she broke out in hives? If so, you need to get her off of it ASAP and back on to the Fromm that she was eating before, assuming she was doing well on that, while you start trying to figure out what she was reacting to. I would look for a simple food with a single protein and a single starch that’s very different from what she was eating when she reacted.

    How long has she been at your house and how long ago did you start her on the food to which she’s reacting?

    I’m not a fan of Purina, but I’m definitely not a fan of eating the same thing day in and day out. Optimal gut health is achieved through a variety of healthy foods.

    Now, that said, a few posters lately have commented about their dog’s having had a reaction to different household products, in particular Gain detergent. Your new pup has been exposed to a whole new host of potential environmental allergens. Anything there ringing a bell?

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    Hi Jillian, Patch gets the hive like lumps they come & go, he has them at the moment around his neck & head, I think its from the environment he must brush past something…I’ve noticed that its common in this breed a few will have these hive like lumps, I bath weekly in the Malaseb medicated shampoo this helps..

    You may not be able to feed the same foods as each dog may have different health problems & what will work for one dog wont work for the other dog… for the Pit bull, having gas is not good, something in the Purina pro plan isn’t agreeing with her causing bad wind problems.. Why did you change her from the Fromm’s food, maybe change back or change to something that agrees with her, try a limited ingredient kibble, there’s Natural Balance, Kangaroo & Potatoes or the Rabbit & Potatoes these 2 have the least ingredients or Nature Variety Instinct limited ingredients…there’s probably more limited ingredient foods..

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