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    My dog recently had surgery. In the normal pre-op blood work her protein levels were very slightly elevated. The vet said the effect on her kidneys was low, scale of 1 to 10 about a 2, and it wasn’t a big concern. Sandy is 13 years old, mixed breed, about 45 pounds, and has always been an extremely healthy weight so weight loss is not a concern. She is very picky about her food and likes Purina Little Bites! I know this is not the healthiest product for her! My main question is do I need to change her food now to protect her kidneys? What type of senior (dry) foods would you recommend? The site is a little overwhelming in all the foods listed. The vet mentioned something about less protein needed for older dogs, and then I read different ideas about protein on this site. As I’m sure you all understand, Sandy is my baby and as her “person” I want to do everything in my power to keep her around as long as possible!! Thanks so much for your time and help!
    Ragan (Rraupach) & Sandy

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    With kidney issues,the food should be special. I am new to using Hill’s k/d renal.It is specially formulated for renal,kidneys.The food should contain low phosphorus,low sodium and low protein. I haven’t found a compatible good brand in my area,so I stick with the Hill’s for now. You may read borrow stories on the Hill’s and good reviews.Just keep in mind there are people out there writing bad reviews on behalf of other food companies or the companies themselves. I also gave my dog treats,and now I am using pieces of sweet potato as a little treat. I hope this helps. My 12 year old female Pomeranian had 2 kidney stones in which I need to maintain not get more or bladder infections. She also had a liver test was a little off,but still ok. I live in Windsor,Ont.Canada and so far found a reasonable price at pet value.I have to feed wet canned food due to her only having 2 teeth left. The Vet.cans were more expensive at $3.23/ can and pet value was $2.59/can and if buy a case of 12,you basically get a free can for the 10% off. I am not sure about online yet,I am still searching for reasonable prices myself. The dry dog food will probably last longer and be cheaper. I hope this helps and if anyone know where a cheaper price can be found or a different food besides making my own can be found. I would be grateful!!

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    I think I misread your issue with your dog…lol. You would basically need a low protein dog food.Most pet stores will have the knowledge of this or should anyways. Are you in USA or Canada? Brands are different. Chicken Soup brand of dog food is good. Just make sure first so many ingredients are meat and not fillers. Feeding better food will make better health for your doggy.

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    I’ve honestly never dealt with kidney issues, so I can’t say anything from experience. I’m posting anyway to hopefully bump this topic up so we can get some more answers for ya! I would have to say, yes – try switching her off of Purina. I honestly don’t trust any food made by Purina myself. I really wouldn’t try to get the Hill’s either unless there gets to be no other option, Hill’s is stuffed with gross fillers too…
    I’m not sure how much/little protein you’re wanting, but I’d suggest making sure the food is a 4-5 star food on this site. I definitely trust the reviews on here.

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    I too would like to see more discussion on the above topic.

    I have a 14 year old 9 lb poodle whose bloodwork is good for her age but she does have a slight reduction in kidney function along with slight heart murmur. I have been feeding her Orijen Regional Red, Acana grain free, Merrick grain free and Evo small red bite grain free. All of these foods are high quality but also very high in protein.

    My vet was concerned about protein levels in lieu of kidney function. She gave me two cans of Hill’s g/d early cardiac healthy aging. In reading the ingredients, I literally gagged.

    Long story short I’d like some advice on a grain free food that might reduce the strain on the kidneys as well as being heart friendly. I am assuming reduced protein might be appropriate.

    Thoughts and comments are most appreciated.


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