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    sean w

    I just joined and was hoping to get some specific information on senior dog food. You only have it listed as type 3 dog food but my vet says i definitely should switch to a senior specific formula of food.


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    sean w

    OH should specify I have 2 older labs in the mid 70 lbs range.

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    Why is your vet so set on senior food? With very few exceptions , most are too low in protein.

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    I have both large breed seniors and many of them and now I have a senior small breed along with younger ones and as long as their weight is great I continue to feed them high end 5 star rated all stages food.
    My labs lived to 12 and 16 year with no issues and never ate senior dog food

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    Mike Sagman

    Most senior dog foods are terrible. They’re based on the myth that older dogs need less protein. Or that high protein causes kidney disease, which is not true (unless your dog has already been diagnosed with a renal disorder).

    You should still feed a food that meets the AAFCO nutrient profile for Adult Maintenance. But favor quality (4 and 5-star) recipes featuring moderate calories and above-average protein.

    Pay close attention to your dog’s weight each month. Chronic obesity is the number one most common problem associated with senior dogs. Obesity can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, arthritis and a host of other life-shortening diseases.

    The food you choose isn’t nearly as important as how much you feed.

    No matter which food you select, monitor your dog’s Body Condition Score (BCS) every month. And adjust your pet’s serving size slightly up or down to maintain your pet’s ideal BCS. Don’t miss the one-minute video in the center of the article.

    And be sure to read our article about “How to Determine Your Dog’s Ideal Weight“.

    One more suggestion: While you’re logged into the Editor’s Choice area, click on the link that reads Create Your Own Custom Editor’s Choice List. Select “Type 3” and click the “Senior” feature. You’ll get a list of some of the very best senior dog foods on the market.

    Hope this helps.

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