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    Ashleigh L

    Hello all! I’m about to take the leap to switch to raw food for my two dogs. My 6 year old black lab is 90 pounds. And my 5 month old Bernese mountain dog is 56 pounds. I know a little bit about raw diets from research but up until now we have been a strict dry dog food house.
    I have a few ideas on some items I want to use. I’m hoping you guys can give me some feedback on my ideas. FYI I’m on a slight budget. That’s part of why I’m doing this so I can see if I can afford it in the long run. None of these items are set in stone. So please please please tell me if there’s something that’s a big no no or if something else instead would be better. With my dogs weights they both require 4 lbs total a day. Around 2 lbs each. I’m gonna start there and figure out if that’s enough for them.

    4 lbs chicken leg quarters

    4 lbs chicken leg quarters

    3 lbs chicken leg quarters, 1 lb of tripe

    2 lbs chicken leg quarters, 2 lbs ground chicken

    Whole chicken, split between

    3 lbs chicken leg quarters, 1 lb cut up chicken liver

    3 lbs. chicken leg quarters, 1 lb of tripe

    Both my dogs have only ever been feed kibble, my oldest for 6 years. So I want to start out slow and simple to see how they do. And with one protein so it complicates things less. I need some feedback for piece of mind. Thanks guys!

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    Ashleigh L

    Also my oldest has a sensitive tummy, hence the tripe

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    For your adult dog check out BalanceIt.com. They make a supplement to add to meat and carb of your choice. Also, there’s an easy recipe video with few ingredients. Search “Homemade dog food recipe Rodney Habib” on youtube. These are suggestions for your lab.

    I would recommend further research for your Bernese. Calcium/phosphorus content and ratio is very important or wait until he is an adult.


    Edit: about your rough draft raw menu. It isn’t a complete diet. Have a look at DogAware.com.


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    Hi Ashleigh,

    You are missing a lot of vitamins and minerals just raw chicken (not a fan of raw chicken) will create defincies.

    I recommend reading the website dog’s naturally. Tons of veggies, natural supplements, fruits, and spices that you can read to add to your dog’s meal.

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