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    Ramasubramaniam B

    This is regarding your best dry dog food suggestion as per editor choice, the editor has mentioned Taste of wild which has DCM treat controversial, Purina brand which has many recalls history controversial, orijen which has DCM Treat controversial. Royal canine which has full of steriods.
    Do you provide healthy suggestions or money minded suggestions which is favor to dog food manufacturing corporates? I followed your articles for about two years for growing my son (golden retriever) healthy. Once you suggested farmina N&D puppy grain free so we bought and using it. Due to the brewer yeast or too much yeast content my kid’s (puppy’s) spleen got swallow due to bloating issues. Spent a lot with tensions apart to make him normal. I hope you are earning through companies in the name of food advisor. Totally fake.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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