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    Barbara P

    I have a white maltipoo that licks her feet. I switched to several foods that you recommended, but they have beet pulp in them as a main ingredient. Can you suggest a food that doesn’t have red or orange items in it?

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    Up above, click the Dog Food Advisor banner, then type in “best dog foods” in the search. You’ll find links to click there.

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    Are you saying that her feet are red from licking them? Or do you think she has a food allergy to red and orange things? Beet pulp is not a red item at all and saliva stains are not related to what color is in the food. Those are myths. She may be licking her feet due to either contact allergy, like to grass or a cleaning product, or food hypersensitivity, which can be to any ingredient that has protein in it, including meats, grains, fruits, veggies. The stains can be a yeast infection due to being damp all the time or a bacteria in the saliva.

    Definitely try switching foods, but take the ingredient list with you and try to find a food that is very different from what you are currently feeding. Also, start rinsing her feet when she comes in from outside. Some people keep a cat litter pan by the back door for this purpose. One cup of vinegar to one gallon of water is a good rinsing agent.

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    Look for a low carb food, my boy was licking & licking his paws & his paws smelt like corn chips, real yeasty & when he’d walk on wet grass, his paws would get red & itchy…..His 2 front paws are the worst, he can’t eat potatoes, Sweet Potatoes Peas, no starchy foods….also bath him & his paws in Malaseb Medicated Shampoo its an anti-fungal shampoo kills the bacteria but doesnt dry out his skin & the Malaseb relieves his itch & red paws & stops his smelly paws, so no licking…
    Your best to feed either cooked or raw diet so u can control the amount of carbs he’s eating have you looked at “K9 Natural” freeze dried food. This food was invented for itchy dogs, has no beet pulp either, here’s their link to have a read…. the Chicken & Venison has the least fat%

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