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    I have a 4/12 old Golden Retriver. I have been feeding her Nutro Max Natural Choice, Recently I switched her to the Nutro Ultra Hoistic Food. She doesnt act sick, or lethargic, or even lacking any energy, but she just seems to have a lack of appitite. She will eat, but when I feed her in the am, it may take her a hour to an hour and 1/2 to finally go to her bowl to eat. Her poops have also been mushy. She hasn’t lost any weight at this point either. Seems like with the Nutro Max, she at least had whole poops. Do you think its the food? I have been debating on putting her on a different food, but am overwhelmed by all the opinions about food, and the companies with recalls I want her to eat the best possible, and may even try switching her to raw at least 1/2 the time. Any thoughts or opionions appreciated.

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