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    mark c

    This is the third class action lawsuit against Nestle-Purina for the same reason. Theres obviously something wrong with the food. Please beware. Purina Beneful has a staggering number of complaints online and many of the complaints appear to be valid. Just search Google for “Purina Beneful Complaints” and you’ll find a long list.

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    Have you not seen the ingredient list? I don’t need a lawsuit to tell me something is wrong with that food….

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    charles m

    The first time I ever saw a bag of Beneful was when it first came out and a bag was shown in The Whole Dog Journal over a caption that said Do Not Buy This Stuff

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    Thanks for the info. and please keep passing it on. Most people on this site (at least the regulars) wouldn’t feed Beneful if they were paid to do so. It has horrible ingredients!

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    I saw a big bag of beneful in the marked down section of my local hardware store the other day. I mentioned the lawsuit to the manager, hoping he would take it off the shelf…but he just shrugged and said “We checked and it’s not on any recall list”.

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