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    I know I’m being paranoid but I added this canned food to his rotation of wellness stews and Go Fit today and the fact that I bought it at Walmart and it mentions ole Roy on the can makes me nervous. I only use 5 star canned and this is a 5 star. Has anyone used this and do u like it?

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    cindy q

    I never used it but I see that you use go fit, is that the canned? How do you like it? I was going to try this.

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    I just bought some. Haven’t opened it yet, though. I haven’t heard anything about it. The canned is done by Simmons, and the dry by Ainsworth.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi weezerweeks:
    I use both the stews and 95% recipes in my rotation. They are canned by Simmons. My dog does well on them and also enjoys eating them. I have fed them for nearly a year and I am very happy with them.

    I imagine Wal-Mart associated this brand with Ol’ Roy for marketing purposes, maybe loyal Ol’ Roy customers would consider buying Pure Balance. I have noticed on the 95% canned food they don’t print “Premium Dog Food by Ol’ Roy” on the label. Hope it works out for you!

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    I use all of them also as toppers. Both the stews and the 95% pate. I honestly think the stews look and smell delicious! So far so good! I wish they carried it for cats!

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