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    Vivian L

    Hi we just recently got a cavachon puppy and we’ve tried every treat out there and he doesn’t like any of them. So we decided we would try cooked chicken just broiled without salt or anything and he won’t eat that either, is that unusual? We’ve found that he likes apples, cottage cheese and regular cheese other than that we can’t figure out any treats to use to help us with training. Any suggestions? And honestly is it normal for a dog not to like chicken?

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    Dave V

    I don’t know if it’s normal or not (never have seen a dog that didn’t like chicken) but by broiling it only, that retains a lot of fat. My vet (who teaches at a university and is one of the best I’ve ever seen) has always told me to boil chicken to get the fat out of it. Much healthier for them. Also healthier for us that way! 🙂

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    How old is the puppy? Maybe he’s not ready for anything too rich or fatty.
    Be careful about trying too many different things, could result in diarrhea. Stick with the kibble that agrees with him as a snack/treat.
    PS: The puppy may instinctively know that the chicken isn’t a good idea for him right now.
    Or, it just may not appeal to him?

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    BTW: Cheese and dairy products are not a good idea for dogs…ask your vet, if you don’t believe me.

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    Celeste P

    My puppy will eat Chicken although it’s not his favourite meat and he’d love for anything else he’d rather boiled broccoli than chicken.

    Try to give some chicken to him raw? It’s healthy and including the bones (Dogs can digest raw bones but the moment they’re cooked they become hard and dogs stomachs can’t digest the bone once cooked must be raw.)
    And raw chicken is good for them their body can withstand salmonella they’re made for that. It’s in their blood.

    So try raw chicken, or ground beef, my dog is pickey with his meat unlike most dogs, he loves pork though haha poor piggys.

    Try different fruits and vegetables banker dogs love apples mine loves lettuce, boiled broccoli, he doesn’t like peanut butter like most dogs.
    Just like a baby learning to eat solids you literally have to try everything that they can et and see what he likes of you wanna give him something to try and you don’t know if it’s good for him or not google it and based on the pros and cons of what you read you really just gotta try.

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