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    Sam D

    Hey all
    I need your help with something. We’re bringing home an 8 week old Aussie next week. We have Taste of the Wild for his Kibble and a stock pile of Honest Kitchen Turkey and Aunt Jeni’s Turkey Raw frozen pre-made meals.

    In a perfect world I would feed him Kibble in the AM and Raw in the PM so his tummy has time to digest each type of food separately. Though – when he’s a puppy he will be eating 3 or 4 times a day so that complete digestion time won’t be there.

    So how do you handle? Rotate days between kibble and raw so every other day is a different type? Is that a bit much for a new puppy to get used to?

    Right now the breeder has him on puppy kibble.

    Thanks, guys!

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    I have a similar question I have a 5month old female mini schnauzer-I have been feeding her 3x a day -Horizon Legacy Puppy, Orijen Puppy, Amicus Puppy, 1/3 cup am & pm ,noon time 1/4 c w/ lightly cooked carrots & 1tsp coconut flakes.
    I have recently cut out the noon kibble & substituted the orijen freeze dried tundra patty-just 1.
    My question next month she will turn 6 months-is that when I stop the noon feeding?
    She is ALWAYS HUNGRY-SHE WOULD EAT 24/7 -It has been a very long time since I had a puppy and am very afraid of giving her a diet that has a high fat content due to the breeds problems with a high fat diet.
    i also forgot to mention that with her kibble she either gets just under an ounce of grass fed beef or chicken lightly cooked. Her weight has almost doubled since I got her at 13 weeks.
    No worms etc to account for her very voracious appetite. Or are all puppies constantly wanting to eat???
    I have an 11 y.o. female mini schnauzer that has recently had to change from Amicus senior to the honest Kitchen “Kindly” due to her bad digestive issues.
    I guess I am just very worried that little Millie will have the same issues as my angel pepper if I don’t get this diet correct from the start.
    Thank you very much for any insight and help.
    Cheryl, Pepper & Millie-Belle

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    Sam D

    Cheryl – Your questions should really have its own post. I hope someone can help you.

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    Puppies digestive system moves things through faster than adults, so you can still do one meal of one and then the next meal of the other.

    Five to six month of age is when you go to two meals a day. Keep her lean until she is fully grown. Do not allow her to get fat.

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    Thank you theBCnut, I just saw your reply.
    You are correct the last thing I want her to be is fat.
    Going to 2 meals a day, do you think I should increase the amt. of food per feeding?
    She is growing so quickly, I do have her on high quality kibble & freeze dried and cooked, but the girl is always looking to eat. i guess all puppies do that.
    I have just returned to the site and am not familiar as to where to post my questions,quite confusing, so forgive me if i am redundant.
    Thank you for your help

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    I usually feed close to the same amount of food, just split into 2 meals instead of three. Once their growth slows down, you may have to cut back on food, so always keep an eye on her waistline.

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