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    Jonathan L

    I apologize if this topic has been covered recently and I’m sure it has but I am feeling a little overwhelmed recently learning about how to care for my 5 month lab. I have been researching ways to rotate his food and I am thinking I would like to stay with the same brand while I rotate until he gets a bit older and more use to changing food. My question is, what are some of the quality (4 or 5 star) brands that offer a nice variety (including a fish variety) that would be appropriate for my puppy. Most of the brands I see only include one variety of “puppy” food, usually chicken. Is it okay to go with a brand that is advertised as all life stages if it has the variety I am looking for? He is currently on Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain formula for puppies, however I am not sure I want to stay with the Blue brand. Thank you for your help in advance!

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    I would check out the Large Breed Puppy thread on the Diet & Health Issues forum for appropriate foods for your lab puppy.

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    Hi Jonathan-

    I don’t feel that diet rotation or star rating is critical at this juncture for your dog. Labs are large breeds and prone to the same DOD’s (developmental orthopedic disorders) as any other large breed is. Genetics plays a role in the expression of these disorders, however nutritionists are finding more and more that in some cases proper diet can manage and reduce the risk of these DOD’s. Up until he’s roughly 18 months of age, the most important thing is keeping him on a puppy food that is suitable for a growing large breed, which means it will have restricted calcium and calories. Some All Life Stages foods do meet these requirements, but it can be challenging doing all the research and emailing required to figure out which ones are. The two companies that have done the most research on large breed puppy growth and DOD’s are Hill’s and Purina, but if you are opposed to using one of those brands then I would look at NutriSource Large Breed Puppy, Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy, Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Breed Puppy, Solid Gold Wolf Cub, Dr. Tim’s Kinesis or Nulo Puppy.

    If you want to rotate these foods I suppose you could, but you may not want to start that during a critical growth period in case something does happen (DOD).

    Hope this was helpful!

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    Sarah H

    I had the same question recently as my puppy seemed bored of her canned food. I switched to Fresh Pet, which is for all life stages. She LOVES it! I buy the Fresh Pet Vital at Petsmart and also the Petsmart Select at the supermarket. It comes in a loaf. There is a grain free and regular variety and different flavors. I buy the smaller loaves and rotate flavors during the week. Rotating the flavors seems to keep her interest. She wasn’t so crazy about the fishy one, but she likes the beef and chicken varieties. She is a five month old Shih Tzu by the way.

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