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    Anyone heard about this corn wheat soy free version? I feed Dr. Tim’s, my dobie loves, but fed the old pro pac formula years ago, before I became more informed about canine nutrition. It hasn’t been rated yet, but was curious if anyone has tried it, or how much it cost per pound? I’m very happy with Dr. Tim’s for the money. I’m glad to see this company move in a better direction. Thanks all. Jason Roberts.

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    I agree Jason. I believe Dr. Tim’s is a great product and for the money, it’s an outstanding value. I talked to Dr. Tim a while back and he also has a red meat product in the works.

    I haven’t heard about changes to Pro Pac’s recipe, but a friend told me recently that Eagle Pack has a corn free product on the horizon. It’s already a very good, trustworthy product with an excellent price point and losing the corn will be a major improvement.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    The Pro Pac’s new Ultimates formulas aren’t on the market yet to my knowledge. To me the changes don’t appear as if they’ll significantly alter the rating – if at all. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the grain-free formulas rate lower than the current formulas.

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    They are available but perhaps not in all markets? I just got coupons emailed to me from them : )

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Interesting! I just assumed they weren’t out yet because the website still says “coming soon” and I haven’t seen them online anywhere.

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    Nadia C

    I just purchased grain-free pro PAC ultimate and was looking for reviews on this but haven’t seen any.

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    It’s on the To-Do List to review. The list is long!

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    Kristen C

    Currently feeding this to my standard poodle and she is doing okay on it. Haven’t had any issues with it and her transition from Earthborn to this was pretty decent. The ingredients are pretty much the same, bag for bag. We’ll see how it goes.

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