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    Any info on a new dog food for dogs on hills c/d or u/d? I have been told Fromm white fish and potato will work dog on the c/d. And petcurean grain free small breed works for a dog on u/d. Any input on this?

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    Mike Sagman

    We’re still in the process of updating over 700 reviews. Planning to add many new reviews over the coming months – including the Hill’s Prescription products you mentioned. However, due to our current backlog, it could be a while longer before Sandy and I get to them all. 🙂

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    Hi gsyorkielover,
    I’m not sure how to answer this except to say that the dietary goals of therapeutic diets can often be met in different ways. Sometime only by a home cooked diet. As an example, the protein level in any OTC food will be much higher than that in U/D.

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    Hi all, My dog is 9 yrs old and as I have been asking questions from everywhere I can think of about her illness I have something to say about the perscription food from S.D. Dixie suffers from Hemolytic Anemia. She has been on SD Z/D for over a year and I started to notice her health just wasn’t the same during the year. Now I’am ocd when it comes to the love of my life,Dixie. I call and go to her vet so much,Dixie should have her own parking space! But now my baby of 81/2 yrs is very sick and I am trying to give her the best of the best of the best. Iam very scared for her because what I have read she may have to have her spleen removed. I just need to hear from others who may have gone through this type of illness with their fur baby. Dixie has been my rock. She has gone through my breast cancer with me. She went through my x husband friends who lived next door to us hurassment. She went through having lighter fluid sprayed on her and was in the hospital for 3 weeks,again it was the neighbors,thank goodness thay are gone and dead. She was hit by a car,no bones broken,she was playing with kids at the ball park,a car ran off the road 15 feet and hit her.The driver thought he hit a child.When he found out after turning around he hit a dog,he left. Everyone helped me load her in the car and we flew to the dr and again she was in the hospital for 3 weeks and her mom (Me) was beside her from 7am to closing everyday giving her finger tip drops of water,telling her how much I love her and stories of our walks to the parks and seeing the squrles and ducks. Then she and I were hit head on by a pickup truck. She was in her seat belt in the back seat. As I was taken by ambulance to the hospital,as fireman took her to the local animal hospital and told them to check her out from A to Z. I picked her up the next day and she was ok. EVERY DOG SHOULD BE IN A VESTED SEAT BELT! NOT IN A LAP OR IN THE BACK OF A TRUCK!!!! She has been my little wonder dog. I need to find ways to save this little girls life as she has saved mine so many times. Mike has done such a great job at letting us all know about the dog foods that I feel have so much to do with the health of our family members. If anyone has any way to let me know what they did for their baby who has this type of illness,please let me know. Thanks, I’m Dixie’s mom

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    Just wondering what U/D and C/D were?

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    U/D and C/D are so called “prescription” diets made by Science Diet to treat specific health problems.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    dowsky –

    U/D and C/D are dog therapeutic foods manufactured by Hill’s Science Diet available with a prescription only. U/D is designed to promote non-stuvite urinary tract health and c/d has reduced levels of protein, magnesium and phosphorus to help limit the formation crystals and bladder stones.

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    was reading the greenies posts before posting. really thought twice about posting . but thanks kinda new to forums. you all don’t seem that mean any more LOL!

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    There are definitely topics that get blood boiling here, but it’s because we are so passionate about our pets. And at the end of the day, even the people you just argued with are invaluable because you learn from them too. We all learn to appreciate what everyone else brings to the table, even if we don’t agree with them.

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    Does anyone do anything special for dental health for their dog? I saw a Dr. Oz show about dog’s dental health. Brushing my dog’s teeth is not possible. She just will not stand for it. I give her T/CL canine chews, plus water additive (Nylabone), and my Vet’s office suggested Hills Prescription Diet T/D. I give her this food only as treats. Plus she has Nylabone bones she chews on. The vet said usually dental health is a problem in small dogs. I have a Elk Hound Mix, so a medium dog. Any suggestions? And Greenies, is so over priced. So don’t tell me to do that. I tried it once but it is just not economically smart.

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    I feed raw meaty bones and my dogs’ teeth are really nice.

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    I feed raw meaty bones to my dogs and their teeth are really nice.

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    Hi Kevin,
    Nylabone and greenies have both caused serious health problems.. I can’t remember the details. But, you can look them up on a search engine, and I believe Dr. Becker (DVM) on mercola.healthypets.com has some articles about it. The healthiest thing to give your dog to clean their teeth is raw meaty bones and a species appropriate diet. No grains. Dogs have no dietary need for grain. In fact, their canine cousins in the wild consume only about 5-6% vegetable matter (not grains, but including small amounts of fruit). Feeding grains leads to weight gain, dental carries and plaque, as well as many other adverse health conditions. Crunching up RAW bones, scrapes them clean. Feeding a meat protein based, balanced diet is the best thing you can do to maintain their good health. If you check out the prescription diets, you’ll see they contain mostly plant based proteins. Which don’t contain complete, biologically appropriate proteins for carnivores.

    A raw chicken or turkey neck, or chicken wing is a good, inexpensive “tooth brush” for your mid sized dog. You can get them cheap, by buying past date ones at the meat counter. Buy in bulk, repackage & freeze in individual portions.

    For more info on raw feeding check out Dr. Becker’s articles on that too. Hope that helps. 🙂

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    If you’re dog already has bad teeth (tarter/plaque buildup), then I’d suggest trying a food additive made of seaweed. I carry a product called PlaqueOff that works incredibly well. Some people will use that all year long, but I suggest only using it once or twice a year… kind of like how we’d see the dentist for a professional cleaning once a year. In between uses of PlaqueOff you could use a water additive or foam/gel that will help fight bad teeth. Tropiclean makes a couple of products that work well.

    One note, I’m not a fan of water additives, because you can’t tell how much of it your dog is getting each day. Do they drink the same amount each day? Probably not. So some days they will get a lot of the additive, other days not so much.

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    I’ve been using ProDen PlaqueOff (seaweed) for 2 months on my foster who needs a dental. When I first brought him home I had to roll the windows down in the car his breath was so bad! Now he sleeps in my room and I can put my face right up to him and there is no smell and his tongue is always hanging out! I haven’t checked his teeth for tarter but he is going to see the dental folks tomorrow morning. He is also on a wet diet only. No kibble.

    My other dogs eat raw meaty bones or gnaw on marrow bones, antlers, bully sticks for teeth cleaning.

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