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    Christine C

    My dog has a history of getting crystals in her urine and our vet has always just given us antibiotics. We feed her the hills C/D urinary dry + canned food and this has helped her urine problem but we want to get her off of it. This has been a huge burden on our family due to the expensive cost and I really want to start making my own dog food because it really seems to be the most healthy. I do not want to rely on the vet because they seem to just want to make money off of us. I have been reading other forums and many dog owners seem to feed their pets cranberry supplements? What are your thoughts on this and getting off of the prescription diet? Thank you!!

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    Dogs that get urinary tract infections and bladder stones tend to have a genetic predisposition, combine that with not enough water intake, not enough opportunities to urinate and you have a problem.
    Whatever you decide to feed, add water to the kibble or canned food, even presoak and add water. Take out to urinate at least every 4 hours (every 2 hours is ideal) stagnant conditions in the bladder are conducive to bladder stone formation.
    Always have fresh water available for the dog 24/7.
    Supplements are crap, don’t waste your money unless your vet recommends something specific for your dog.

    Ps: You think the prescription food is expensive. Try emergency surgery for a blocked urethra.
    Been there, done that.

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