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    lizzie R

    Hey, I just found this forum and am excited to hear anybody’s opinion.

    I have a 6 year old GSD, 115 pounds, healthy weight. No illness or adverse conditions. I have been feeding him a home cooked diet going on three years. In the very beginning I briefly flirted with raw recommended by a vet, but it wasn’t for me. My current vet is afraid to give any nutritional advice and so sometimes I feel like Lewis and Clark here.

    His daily diet:

    whole wheat sourdough bread
    (I make a 250g flour loaf every other day and split it in two)
    14-16 oz beef scraps
    (Relatively high fat in the 30-40% range depending on the cut)
    8 oz chicken meat and bones
    (I boil them into a stock for 24 hours so they mush in your hands, no sharp edges)
    1.5 cups of said stock
    (Seasoned with celery seed, thyme, parsley, rosemary, shitake)
    .5 Tbsp butter
    1 duck egg
    Half a cup of vegetables of some kind (green beans right now)
    A small handful of fruit
    (Raspberries right now)
    A small handful of leafy greens

    At least once a month he will have fish of some kind. Mussels, shrimp or other shellfish

    My current philosophy is:

    I don’t do supplements because I don’t take supplements. If I can meet my own nutritional needs I should be able to meet my dog’s. My goal is for that not to change.

    Just curious what fellow home-cookers think.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read!

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    Amber W

    I haven’t really seen people answering a lot of the posts. I also make homemade food for my moms dogs and mine due to sensitive stomachs to bag dog food. Our dogs are much smaller than yours. I would be curious to see a response/input to your post. Hopefully you will get a real response soon (mine doesn’t count).

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