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    Mike Sagman

    Like you, we’ve been reading the same reports about lawsuits regarding a number of pet food companies. And we share your concerns.

    However, our ratings and Editor’s Choice selections are based on verifiable facts. Not on frivolous or unproven claims.

    For example…

    The so-called “study” on which many of these lawsuits are based appears to have been published by the same company that needlessly frightened young mothers in 2017 with a similar misleading report about baby food.

    Here’s another revealing article about the questionable nature of these same dubious findings.

    And yet another from Whole Dog Journal.

    Here’s my take…

    Keep in mind, the Internet is awash with rumors, marketing hype, lawsuits and unproven “studies”… much of it masquerading as helpful advice.

    Disinformation that’s then picked up and sensationalized by other websites known for benefiting from creating fear, uncertainty and doubt among innocent pet lovers.

    So, it’s difficult for any well-meaning dog owner to know what to believe.

    And what to ignore.

    In fact, it was the confusing “tips” and the controversial “advice” I found nearly everywhere I looked that ultimately compelled me to create Editor’s Choice, in the first place.

    Before you fall victim to all the noise and misinformation that pervades the Internet and deprive your dog of some of the very best and safest foods available, stay focused on the facts.

    Unlike recalls, lawsuits are based on complaints and accusations only. And when they result in a settlement, the truth or falsehood of the allegations are usually private and not revealed to the public.

    Each of our reviews is based upon the factual information we retrieve from government-regulated and standardized pet food labels… and direct company interviews. Nothing else.

    If you’ll Google the name of almost any major brand, you’ll likely find hundreds of complaints, claims and lawsuits for many of their products.

    Once any dog food has been confirmed to have a serious problem, the FDA requires the related company to voluntarily recall its product.

    Until we know with certainty if a particular dog food has been tested and recalled, it would be unfair and irresponsible for us to consider unverified claims when writing our reviews.

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    For those interested in a toxicological analysis of your current dog food, the link below is a list of dog food testing laboratories that may help you with your concerns.


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    Charles H

    Would you include the recent suit against Orijen and Acana in the same group as the other suits?

    Lawsuit Filed Against Orijen, Acana Claims Dog Food Contains Heavy Metals & Other Toxins

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    Mike Sagman

    Yes, I would. Please be sure to take the time to visit each link mentioned in my comment above.

    The Acana/Orijen lawsuit appears to be based on the same dubious “study” described in numerous articles… like the ones I referenced above.

    Ignore all the sensationalized articles that serve to needlessly frighten dog owners and create fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    Don’t panic. Don’t overreact. Wait for the facts. Look for 3rd party laboratory test confirmation or for an FDA-mediated recall.

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    Charles H

    I tried to chase down the links in the article. But I did not find any specific reference to the specific study mentioned in the article about Orijen and Acana. I suspected it was part of the cluster you were talking about. Just making sure.

    This is why I registered as a member. Thanks a lot!!

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    Mike Sagman

    Click here to read the actual lawsuit. The document refers directly to the same controversial “study” mentioned in numerous articles, including the ones I previously referenced in this thread.

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    Kenneth A


    Thank you very much for writing solid advice about the dog food lawsuits. I have conducted a lot of research about Dog Food to include joining this site as I want to feed my Earl with a top quality food. After making the decision to switch to Acana the news about the lawsuits broke and yes it made me feel uneasy, questioning my decision to switch. Your message puts things back into perspective.

    Thanks again,


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    Lewis F

    I’ve had our Cavapoo Sophie on Orijen Puppy and now Original for 19 months and she eats well without showing any adverse affects. In fact, Sophie goes in for her 6 month checkup at the end of April and I am going to ask the Vet to draw blood and check for high levels of minerals, etc. I’ll post the results if anyone is interested

    Thank you Mike


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    Barbara C

    Lew would be interested in your blood results after your Vet visit. Please post, most appreciated!

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    Lewis F

    Will do, not scheduled for the test until 4/30

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    Connie O

    I, too, would be interested in the test results. Thanks for offering to share them.

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    Marla G

    The internet will always be lit up with opinions and gossip. However, I know several dog friends that had been having issues with Orijen and Acana. There dogs are now off the food and problems have been resolved. I think that speaks volumes. I started showing dogs over 30 years ago. During that time I have seen dog food companies come and go and obviously seen many problems too. It’s through my vast experience that I’ve made my choice not to continue using Acana. The dog show community is large and we depend on one another for information. We know by sharing our personal experiences it may help other owners. My show dogs have always been my companions first and foremost. The amount of information you collect through knowing many vets/specialists over the past 30+ years and also reputable breeders can’t be bought or learned on some forum. It’s an invaluable education. The breeder of my 2 Collies has been doing so for 40 years. She’s a wealth of knowledge. So, my decision wasn’t frivolous to discontinue Acana.
    I’ve written a few posts recently and they haven’t shown up. I hope that’s a coincidence.

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    Lewis F

    As promised in my post above, I brought Sophie in for her 6 month check-up and Bordello vaccination. The Doctor drew blood and the results will be back tomorrow. We did not draw blood for the determination of metals, but the broad scan to see if any of the levels would indicate there was a problem “brewing”. I will share the result shortly after I receive them.

    I did ask the Doctor if he had heard of the Class Action suit against Champion and of course he said yes. In fact, he said a quite a few patients that were either using Acana or Orijen and was familiar with the charges. His view has been the same to all of his patients, and that is if your pet is showing no signs of a problem with either Acana or Orijen over time (Sophie being 16 months), then monitor the suit, get blood work done at your pet’s physical and stay the course. If there is any indication of a problem with the blood work we will do further testing and then evaluate a course of action. He did agree with Mike Sagman, that there too many unknowns in what is driving the the accusations.

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    Lewis F

    The results are in. To quote the Vet, the blood work came back pristine!! The Vet and I talked about changing food and he didn’t recommend it. He felt since Sophie has been on Orijen Puppy and now Original for 16 months and the blood work showed absolutely no signs of organ or digestive distress, he recommended she stay on it. We will do another check in six months.

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    Cody B

    Thanks for getting back, Lewis. I appreciate the info.

    Thanks for keeping me sane here, Mike!

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    susan k

    I read this this morning in the New York Times — posting it here FYI. I feed Wellness Core Original Formula kibble to my beloved Cairn terrier. What do people think about the dangers of grain-free? Anyone have experience with heart issues from this diet? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/24/health/grain-free-dog-food-heart-disease.html?hpw&rref=health&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=well-region&region=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well

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    Patricia V

    My vet told me about the issue with potatoes/lentils/peas in dog food and a possible link to heart issues especially in labs. My vet said she had not seen a dog with this heart issue in years and said the studies should be kept in mind but more info should be forthcoming. I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old, both lab mixes, and am now reviewing foods WITH grain in order to avoid the three possible ingredients noted in the study. It is not easy to find quality dog food WITH grain but have focused in on Fromm. Would be interested in anyone’s thoughts on this issue.

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    Erica P

    Anyone have anything to add regarding the FDA warning on diets containing peas and potatoes as main ingredient which Susan and Patricia are talking about?

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    Luke B


    I have been made aware of the class action lawsuit which has been filed against Diamond Pet Food’s Taste of the Wild for negligent misrepresentation, false advertising, and breach of warranty.

    Taste of the Wild Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit

    Do you know if there is any merit in the allegations? I have had my two French Bulldogs on the wet food, based upon this sites recommendation, for 18 months without any issues.

    Please advise.

    Kind regards.

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    Reg S

    I have read all the good and bad but I know what my poodle puppy was raised on and he couldn’t be any healthier! Purina One Healthy Puppy has been the one and only! I highly recommend this food!

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    Budget cuts and mergers have driven quality control down, prices have doubled while the labeled bags contain much less over time. The (in)voluntary recalls are becoming alarming and you wonder if you should join the lawsuits out of fear or an actual mishap with your dog. It’s time vs money vs your anger. Yes, the kibble-raw-freeze dried-wet food buying community IS at the mercy of all brands. Anyone testing each bag for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes or “elevated” levels of certain vitamins? Not me, as I trustingly scoop the kibble out twice day, adding freeze dried on top, always wondering. And adding nutrients like I’m a canine nutritionist. With that said, I spend as much money as my bank account allows for food allergy panels, blood tests and anything else I need to do to “know” my dogs’ bodies throughout the year. Otherwise, we’re just sitting ducks as we may misinterpret the recalls. Yes, large class action lawsuits do have merit. I wouldn’t ignore how it became that way with thousands of medical issues and/or dog deaths documented. Again, “know” your dog every single day and be on top of the news. All dogs are NOT the same.

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    Dean S

    ONLY NATURAL PET COLORADO – JERKY STRIPS, CAGE FREE CHICKEN FLAVOR, last order 1 bag out of 6 received completely covered in MOLD!

    So bad these looked green/dark gray. I have taken photos and written to ONLY NATURAL PET, will keep everyone updated as they reply.

    Their products are usually top of the line, we have had no issues for the past 12 months ordering, but this is a big concern. And even though the other 5 bags appeared fine, it is the same batch/LOT number how can we be sure there is not unseen mold growth as well.

    VERY disappointing let’s see how they react.

    Dean Smith

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    Ways to Keep Your Dog Feeling Full
    By John Gilpatrick

    It’s something nearly every dog owner has gone through. Thirty minutes before your alarm goes off, as you cling to those precious last moments of slumber, there’s an overeager and purposeful series of scratches on the bedroom door. Someone’s hungry.

    But is he really? “Speaking in terms of evolution, dogs are opportunistic scavengers,” says Dr. Rebecca Remillard, a veterinary nutrition consultant and diplomate for the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN). “If given the opportunity, they might eat everything in sight including the refrigerator.”

    Remillard, through her PetDiets.com business, specializes in creating custom, homemade diets for pets. She says actually managing and accurately judging your dog’s satiety (fullness) is a difficult science because dogs eat for many reasons beyond feeling hungry.

    “Just think about humans,” she says. “Food is love. We eat as a form of community. Conversely, we eat because we’re lonely and stressed, too.”

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    Sandra T

    I created my member logon specifically because I read information regarding a lawsuit against Taste of the Wild. After reading your post I went back on the internet. I found that 99.99% of the information regarding this was indeed posted by sites such as Doberman-chat.com, truth about dog food, and such. I found the site for the actual law firm that is handling this law suit. It’s not even a law suit. They posted last year that they are investing claims. That’s it. No further updates. So, this company is getting found guilty over the internet before actually being found guilty of anything.

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    Susan B

    I would like to comment on your scare article, listing the FDA’s DCM dog food advisory list. We take issue with their conclusions for a variety of reasons, some of which were mentioned in your article, such as the role that breed and food brand popularity play in influencing the suggested food correlations in their study. A more obvious, underlying question would be, what does the govt have to gain by suggesting that grains be consumed? The implications on the economy of mass US production farming immediately come to mind. We, for one, owning a small farm and having raised dogs and owning multiple breeds for decades, have been feeding Taste of the Wild exclusively for years. Our bench lab, golden doodles, golden retriever, cockapoo, French bulldog, Welsh Corgi and Brussels Griffon have all exhibited perfect health for their entire lifetimes, fed only on various flavors of grain free Taste of the Wild. We have only ever had two health issues with any of our dogs: the Corgi developed onset of kidney disease in old age, likely genetic related, and our Golden Retriever suffered from horrid allergies of the skin up until switching him to grain free. Shame on anyone for down rating Taste of the Wild. Testimonies such as ours should hold much more credibility than any poorly executed, suspect FDA report.
    Please pass this on to whomever is in charge of content and editing.
    The Baker family

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    winchester J

    Is there anyone use Honest Paws for your pet? Don’t know if it works or not.

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    joanne l

    That is great that your dogs are doing well, however I had heard a lot of people complaining about taste of the wild. Plus they are selling it at Petco now. Sorry IMO I d don’t like grain free. As far as the FDA goes they would not put it on the news if they didn’t feel it was necessary. There is a good reason for it. I am not saying not to feed it, but others should be aware and follow, for now, what the FDA recommends. After all you would listen to the FDA if it was your food, wouldn’t you?

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    Bestgaming I

    Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site.

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    I suppose I would go with Blue if those were my only choices. However I would not buy dog food from Amazon.

    Have you considered Fromm? https://www.gofromm.com/fromm-family-classic-adult-dog-food

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    Charles H

    Our dog (older female GSD) is food sensitive and we settled on Acana Singles. She has well controlled medical issues and is under regular veterinary care including annual blood/urine/stool analysis. Her lab results have been consistently excellent for the last 3 years.

    There is no good answer to your question as to the best product. That really depends on your dogs needs.

    You need to do a lot of work in researching your dogs specific dietary requirements. Hopefully your vet is very diet aware and if so he/she can be a real help in finding the right food. We are lucky as our vet does a lot of work with local police departments for their K-9 animals and is considered an expert on these breeds (GSD, Belgian Malinois, etc).

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    Linda R

    My dog is a 5 year old German Shepherd. She has had bad food allergies all her life. I have had her on Orijen dog food when she was young. She has been on Acana Singles for about 4 years now. Had her at the Vet he said she is doing fine and he see no reason to change her food.

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    Lewis F


    Our Cavapoo has been on Orijen Original for three years. We have b;lood work done every year and everything is fine! Our Vet says the same thing”there is no reason tio change food”

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    william M

    I wouldn’t put too much into the FDA involvement other than its ability to “REQUEST” a recall. Remember, the FDA still has to use the courts to file injunctions, just like any agent needs to against any business. The FDA is great at throwing those out because the bureaucrats that occupy the positions of power there love being able to legislate without consent. That said, it will be nice when they actually start to regulate pet feeds and treats the way they do our groceries, albeit sloppily.

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    A growing number of recalls are issued for cat chow and petfood that’s contaminated with horse meat, deadly euthanasia drugs, beef thyroid hormones, metal pieces, and bacteria.

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    Amy J

    I have a dog but I dont know which food would be best for my puppy. let me know about it if anyone knows.

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    Frenky C

    Hey, good take, went through the same thought process while switching brands for my pup.

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    Elizabeth B

    Hello all,
    How to choose food for dog with food sesitive?

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