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    Jason K

    Hello all:

    I’m new to this forum so I apologize if this has been covered.

    We feed out golden retriever Pedigree Complete Adult Nutrition. He’s been eating it his whole life. No problems at all.

    Recently, our father in law told us that Pedigree is causing dogs to die and he recommends switching to Blue Diamond.

    I looked everywhere and I cannot verify this story about Pedigree killing dogs. Does anybody here know anything about this? Or did my father-in-law fall for scare-tactic marketing by Blue Diamond?

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    Check out this site, you may find some helpful information

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    There is so much internet hype out there, and much of it, believe it or not, is actually started by or egged on by competing dog food companies. I’ve also seen unfounded complaints hurled at just about every company that holds a fair portion of the market, some with pictures so fake, it’s sad to realize that there are people out there with so much time on their hands.

    So, while I personally don’t care for Pedigree due to a few reasons, the artificial coloring agents being at the top of that list, it’s not killing dogs, and you are not automatically doing better by the dog by feeding a “holistic” feed. I’ve known plenty of unreasonably long lived dogs eating Pedigree, and very, very few on Blue Buffalo that didn’t have some sort of complaint regarding chronic bowel problems.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I pretty much second exactly what Hound Music said.

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    Saint G

    I am in my 50’s now. I fed my german shepard pedigree for the 19 years of her life…I don’t think that’s what she dies of. I have had a golden retriever, 2 great danes, and a german shorthair….all fed on pedigree for 2 months then beniful for 1 then back to pedigree. All of my dogs have outlived the “breed average” Golden made 14 yr, shorthair made 11 the dane made 9, and the new dane is on his 2nd year. I think its BS.

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