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    Talia B


    I have a golden with a bunch of allergies and to keep them in check she gets a pill. She is allergic to peanut butter and shouldn’t have cheese bc of chronic yeast ears (We are x plowing different food options also). The treats that we have used are not that nutritious and dry out over time even if sealed correctly or they crumble when your pushing in a treat. So has anyone found the perfect dog treat or does anyone have a recipe. We use to use cream cheese (before we knew it was contributing and would love w similar consistency 🙂

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    I throw my dogs pills in their food…how about a spoonful of canned in their food with the pill inside?

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    Hi Talia-
    It sounds like you are trying to find something to hide a pill in? If yes, I sometimes wrap a piece of lunch meat around a pill to get them to take it. Good luck!

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    Bobby dog

    Talia B:
    I don’t know of any treats that would be soft enough not to crumble when inserting a pill into it.

    If you are up to making something you could buy some lean ground meat from the grocery store and make small meatballs. I make them for my dog as treats and freeze them. I pull a few out at a time and keep in the fridge for treats. I use about 2 lbs of lean ground meat and add an egg or two, roll them to about an inch in size and cook them at 400 degrees for about 5 or 6 mins. You can also add other ingredients if you have them (and they are appropriate for your dog) like finely chopped dog appropriate vegetables, turmeric, parsley etc.

    I have also seen people suggest cooking canned food for treats. I have never tried it, but I imagine it would be easy to make a soft treat out of canned food.

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    Tricky Trainers may work if its a small enough pill. I just use canned food when I need to get a pill in

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    Hi Talia, I’ve seen a soft treat called Pill Pockets. They have a hollow center, and you just slip the pill inside. I’ve never used them or checked the ingredients, but you can buy them at Walmart.

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    Pill pockets don’t have great ingredients, not the worst in the world, but something I’d rather not feed on a daily basis. I would also recommend canned food, that seems to be what works best for Lily. I’m interested that your dog is allergic to peanut butter, because I had a foster dog that I thought was allergic to peanut butter, he had seizures that seemed to be timed with having peanut butter. How is your dog allergic to it?

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    Talia B

    You all have been fantastic in responding. She’s a golden, she has ear issues and is also allergic to fleas. When she is haVing a flea reaction we will find tumbleweeds of hair lying around from her scatching and the same occured when we had attemped to hide pills in pb.

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