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    Christina B


    I’ll be moving within the next 12 months and my dog’s canned food will not be accessible to me (it’s not produced by a national brand).

    I have a shihtzu who is extremely particular not just about his food in general (only dog I’ve ever owned who turns his nose up to people food) but also, the texture of his food. I’ve made a few purchases and he absolutely will not go near any wet food that is ‘too wet’. No broths, gravies, or soupy foods. This is costing me a small fortune out of my already tight budget in trying to find him a suitable replacement; It’s hard to tell what the food looks like on the inside of these cans based on the labels.

    If you all could be so kind as to share with me the brands of canned dog food you’ve used or have come across that is more of a solid, potted meat, kind of texture – I would be so very appreciative of your help!

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    Try avoiding the cans that say “stew” or “in gravy” and look for cans that say “pate” or “ground”.

    The only pate style canned food I’ve used is Hound and Gatos.

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    In addition to the above advice, you can always pick up the can and shake it to see if there is any sloshing around. That is what I often do with canned cat food. My dogs, however, get the stew type food because it is easier for my husband to mix it in their morning kibble. Good luck with the big move!

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    Z B

    Hounds and gatos is an excellent pate that I use regularly for my cat and dogs, it has 5 star rating here…. it’s not cheap but not super pricey either for a 5 star, so I feed it a lot.
    They like natures variety pates but those cost more, so I don’t feed it is often.
    I also use Walmart’s Pure Balance canned dog stews, very budget friendly, but sometimes my chihuahua won’t eat it unless i mash the chunks, you might try doing that if you haven’t already . PB also has a pate option but I haven’t tried it.
    Regardless which form of canned food I feed, if it’s not a freshly opened can my chi likes it better at room temperature or with some room temp water added.

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    I use the Zignature cans in my rotation. They are the pate style cans. My girls love them!

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    Jackie B

    My older boy definitely prefers the “pate” texture. I recommend avoiding proteins like turkey and fish. These seem to be more soupy. Lamb seems to be a relatively solid protein, same for beef. You can also refrigerate the cans. I feed canned food and have noticed that the food is more solid when it is cold.

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    Evangers makes pate-style foods in smaller cans that I have used for my terrer Bruno. No extra liquid at all.

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    Christina B

    Just an update. I was able to find a food that my dog was willing to eat and more importantly, didn’t send him running to the bathroom immediately afterwards :D.

    It’s not my ideal brand to feeding him (the food itself has a 4.5 star rating on here but the brand is somewhat controversial and has a lot of low quality foods and recalls in its mix) but for now, I’m glad to have him on something that I know I’ll be able to find most everywhere and that he seems happy with. I’ll probably try and get him on a premium brand later on when I have more time and patience to cater to his fickle taste buds and delicate tummy.

    Thank you, so much, everyone for all of the great recommendations! You have no idea how much I really appreciate your help – my pup too! 🙂

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