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    I’m confused about the rating system. Applaws Broth Pots leads the list of wet foods. I looked it up on Chewy as I intended to order some, but in reading the fine print, it’s considered a “natural cat food complement” meant to be used in conjunction with dry food for a “complete meal”. The list of ingredients is considered “limited” at 3 or 5, usually just the main protein source sometimes having carrots or green beans included. Why would this be considered a 5 star food when it lacks all of the supplements needed for it to be considered a balanced cat food (things like taurine)? Also, why purchase this when it would be much more cost effective to purchase a chicken, roast or boil it, shred it, and then make about 50 individual portions and freeze it? The recommended Applaws Broth Pots only contains chicken, chicken broth, rice, carrots, and green beans. Do cats even need the last three ingredients as obligate carnivores? If the main concern about preparing your own pet food is creating a well balanced meal, why are they fully recommending a “food complement” with 5 stars while Wellness Complete Heath meals receive 4 stars? It makes no sense and I now am questioning the integrity of the recommendations presented.

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    I 100% agree! The rating does not mention that it is to be used as a “cat food complement” only. It is very misleading and possibly dangerous if not noticed by consumers. Good catch! I stick to companies that have been around for years, that do testing and have a team of experts that formulate the food.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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