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    Raven L

    Hi, everybody! Four-Five weeks ago I got a new puppy. She is an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix. I am currently feeding her 4Health (tractor supply brand) puppy flood and would like to start to transition her to a new food since she’s almost completely out of food. The problem I am running into is the fact that I am a young college student on a very limited budget, but I still want her to have at least decent food. I live in a small farm town and the only place that sells dog food is Wal Mart and Tractor Supply, so those are my choices. I am willing to order some online as well, though.
    I can only afford to pay about $1.35 a pound, which is about $40 for a 30lb bag. I have been looking into Fromm Large Breed Puppy food, but the least expensive I have found it is $48 for a 33lb bag online.
    Any tips, advice, anything would be very helpful and appreciated! Thanks.

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    go to th diet and health issues forum, under this one. On top, in a yellow stickie, is a long thread on feeding large breed puppies. You may find a problem with your budget. With everything, actually. Large breeds will cost you more for food, supplements, grooming, some medicines, crate etc.

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    http://www.chewy.com/dog/nutrisource-large-breed-puppy/dp/38141- $1.56 per/lb

    http://www.chewy.com/dog/taste-wild-high-prairie-puppy/dp/34836- $1.19 per/lb

    http://www.chewy.com/dog/whole-earth-farms-puppy-recipe-dry/dp/101864- $1.19 per/lb

    These three foods are safe for large breed puppies and could fit within your budget. Chewy.com has great customer service and they ship fast. Many of us have used this site frequently.

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    Daniel H

    We had our puppy on diamond naturals puppy food and he loves it and did very well in it. Our dog is a small breed but you can get large breed puppy at tractor supply for $41.99 for a 40lb bag so around $1.04 per lb since you mentioned 4health it’s something I would consider. Diamond natural is good food and you would be able to get it at tractor supply as well.

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